Individual BMW M5 F90: Almost as colourful as it is powerful

Thanks to BMW Individual, the buyer of the new BMW M5 F90 have a much wider color Palette to choose from than you might think at first glance in the Configurator. Who like Todor Todorov regularly at the M Headquarters in Garching, Germany, is coming over, can the new Power-sedan, therefore, even before the market launch in particularly bright colors to face – how would it be, for example, with Java Green, the otherwise rather Compact and mid – class athletes get to see, but the Alpina B7 is good to face?

Another rare color, a significantly gesetzteres dark green reminiscent of British Racing Green and the shapes of the Limousine, although more discreet, but no less spectacular scene. As always, the possibilities of BMW know an Individual so well-no limits – whether it’s bright Orange, vivid Red or Matt Black, is realized as well as any color desired.

Quite colourful, and the colour palette without the help of BMW Individual presents itself, however, and with Snapper Rocks Blue and Marina Bay Blues-the friends of blue paint, at least here, at your cost. With Donington grey, Bluestone, Singapore grey, black sapphire and Alpine white are also happy to selected classics in the Standard list.

An early example of the possibilities of BMW Individual, the now long sold-out BMW M5 First Edition , the with their coating of Frozen Dark Red Metallic stands out. Many more opportunities for individualisation of the new M5 also offers the customisation and Tuning accessories from BMW M Performance, with a lot of Real Carbon additional sporty accents, and the last observer to clearly communicate is likely that here is no ordinary 5-series is on the way – but a 600 HP strong sports car that happens to be the forms a noble saloon, bears and unusual in a lot of practicality, while in him the potential for Sprint to 100 in just 3.4 seconds slumbers.

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