KW BMW M550i xDrive: Tuning ensures greater proximity to the Asphalt

From the factory, the tuning of the BMW M550i xDrive is designed to be uncontroversial on high everyday comfort, for maximum Performance, M GmbH has finally the M5 in the program. However, from the point of view of some of the M550i-customer focus was implemented on suitability for everyday use a little too consistently, which is why the fun of driving in a direct comparison with the competition comes a bit short of what is due to the 462-HP V8-Biturbo quite a pity, after all, the engine certainly has plenty of potential for driving fun.

A solution to this luxury Problem comes from KW, because the chassis of professionals who have taken the BMW M550i to the chest and your coilover to the technical specifics of the BMW 5-series G30 with xDrive adjusted. The dampers can be independently in the train and pressure stage set and on both axles for stepless lowering of at least 30 and up to 55 mm. This not only looks good, it also improves the Handling and increases driving fun.

By the adjustment of the rebound in 16 clicks, the customer has the choice between more or less comfort, because the rebound has a direct effect on the structure, vibrations of the body. About the setting of the pressure level in 12 clicks, the KW can affect the customers, the intensity of pitch and roll movements, depending on the individual taste and scanner application, regardless of the rebound.

The KW coilover suspension variant 3 is not only suitable for the BMW M550i with his mighty V8 Biturbo, but also for all other 5-series models with xDrive all-wheel drive. In addition, KW also offers a Version of the Thread chassis for all the rest of the BMW 5-series G30 with a classic rear-wheel drive. The price for the customizable Tuning-chassis is at 1.999 euros.

John Wacker (KW product Manager): “In our chassis out of the ‘Street Performance’program, the basic vote is always as tight as necessary and as comfortable as possible. With our variant 3, the new BMW 5 series drives sporty and comfortable […], even at maximum lowering while driving over bumps or large transverse joints […]. In such driving situations, the 5-series sedan on rocks in the border area, be sure and track loyalty drive”

(Images & info: KW Automotive)

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