MINI Designer Christopher Because in the Interview: Exciting views

As a passionate automobile designer Christpher is responsible, Because since 2013 the exterior Design of the MINI brand – a dream job with great responsibility. He is responsible for defining the unmistakable DNA of the British BMW subsidiary, and to sharpen for the future. In the Interview, the 41-year-old detailed answers to ten questions about his work there and commented on the gentle Facelift of the MINI Hatch.

In addition to an Outlook on future MINI generations, Christopher is told to be Because of his own Motivation, automotive designer and philosophizes about good Design and future utopias as a source of inspiration for his work.

1. Why did you become a car designer?
It has always been a dream of mine to be almost an inner urge, a car designer. For one, I’ve drawn since I can remember. Every available piece of paper was painted “full”. And the future fascinate me, topics, and basically everything that is new. As an automotive designer, I can not only live out my creative passion, but also helping to shape the future. Specially the exterior Design has for me a special charm. This feeling, to see his “own” vehicle on the road is something Special. An absolute dream job.

2. What inspires you as a car designer? What drives you?
Me positive scenarios of the future, utopias inspire. For me, the future has always been a great place, sort of a improved Now. I see our task as a Designer: to make the future a better place. And also the automotive and the mobility. As a Designer, I also find products inspiring and fascinating, which it is to be noted that someone closely involved with the matter, the issue has rubbed. This something Unique is often. And that is my claim to Design: The product should not only bring the MINI brand to the front, but also inspire others. That is, the Emotion I put into it, should also arrive at the users and something trigger.

3. What is the task of the exterior Design is for you?
Good exterior Design is like a promise: It shows what the truck can and even more. Good exterior Design shows the character of the vehicle. Therein as great a force as a challenge. For me, good exterior Design means to bind the viewer only on the shape of the vehicle in an emotional way. For this purpose, we need to charge a Designer, the sheer size of the area with Emotion, and with targeted lines set in motion – of course always depending on the vehicle’s character. The product itself needs to communicate something to trigger without the customer must have read an explanatory brochure.

4. Why are they MINI?
MINI is an automotive icon. Everyone knows what a MINI looks like and could draw it, probably, even – whether Small or Large. But what is more important: MINI is far more than just a product. MINI is a life companion, and is an open and future-a merry attitude to the world. Our customers have a very special bond to your vehicle. Like no other manufacturer. To convey this uniqueness in the future, fascinates me. And in the brand’s huge potential. What can be here, everything is still possible, to interpret, for example, the current cooperation in the area of MINI-LIVING, and MINI FASHION.

5. What is so special about a MINI is for you personally?
This is hard to describe, because the essence of a MINI is special – it almost person is approachable. Instead of emotions, which can trigger a high-tech machine with their function, is MINI more to the relationship. At the same time MINI-transported a part of the personality of his driver – and has at the same time, one of their own. The identification with the product in MINI clearly than in many other vehicles. MINI is already a special experience. Note that the I even for me: When I get in my MINI and leave, then I am pleased. The is already an intimate relationship. All of this creates MINI. And we want to raise in the future to a new Level.

6. What is the special in the Design of the MINI is?
The DNA from MINI – so what wanted to achieve, Sir Alec Issigonis, the classic Mini is particularly. A product in which every Detail is thought out and purposeful. The surfaces were always very clear, almost reduced. A pure vehicle, but there is no waiver, but a formal purity. As a result, a strong iconic Design was created at the same time. This icon to develop and not the identity of MINI in, this is exactly the challenge. Particularly to MINI also the friendly appearance. MINI is resisted over the years in the Design of the temptation to be aggressive, despite all the sportiness. Because the go-kart Feeling is a fact. Up close I was able to experience this on a tour in the Alps, I’m along for the ride. The super sports car, the competition was fierce, and yet the MINI drove all around the ears. This was not only impressive, but also has a lot of fun.

7. What are the important issues for the future for you?
Digitisation is, for me, one of the Central themes. Also, MINI goes a digital way, but I imagine this is something human, warmer, and more personal than in other car brands. In the case of MINI man continues to be in the foreground, not the technology. Of course, we will also be in future on the latest state of the art, and in some areas even a leader such as theme customisation by 3D printing, our customers the parts on your MINIs self, and attaching to design. However, the technology is not everything, but the experience. Also, the Design of the future will be increasingly networked and goes far beyond what we see today. Today, we design Substantially the Form, in the future, we will think. There’s a giant box, which makes it very exciting to open.

8. What is the significance in the future, then the exterior Design?
Exterior Design is also important in the future. Even if MINI-exaggerated in the distant future expressed only a mobile Box is, can modern these Box – and reduced as it may be – at first glance, the core of the brand is emitting values. Design is communication. And the bond with the vehicle starts with the exterior – it is simply the first point of contact with every vehicle. To create this relationship is our job in the exterior Design. Yes, in fact, that even a relationship. Our task, as a Designer, it will be in the future, to make a MINI immediately MINI recognizable.

9. What you will see in the future a MINI?
I assume that in the future design elements that create identity, and thus for the recognition of MINI. The contrast roof is just a essential point that belongs to the MINI, as well as the MINI “face” with Hexagon Grill. These two elements are the core characteristics of the perception of the MINI and therefore a clear Identity for me. Everything else is variable, and offers opportunities for further development – but iconic design elements it needs for me in the future.

10. The new Facelift of the MINI Hatch (3 – door and 5-door) was created under your leadership. It is compared to the previously formulated claim for the future of the MINI to be a little shy?
Model revisions also life-cycle pulses are always a tightrope walk between Innovation and preservation. Personally, I am of the opinion that the Design lives in excess of this contrast. In the current model revision, the changes and impulses lie in the Detail, and these are suitable and modern. What was previously soft, comes in the model revision with more contrast. So we have more Definition in the Logo, while the image was sharpened in rims and lights. In relation to the surrounding soft surfaces this makes for a much more modern impression. Both with new exterior colors, tail lamps in Union Jack Design or the possibilities of MINI Yours, i.e., make the Design of side-scuttles, or decor, we offer our customers very interesting innovations. We go a significant step in the future.

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