MINI Facelift to 2018: Union Jack and more for F55, F56 and F57

Their British roots belong to the cult of the MINI brand, but with the MINI Facelift, 2018 to the close connection to the United Kingdom is celebrated even more strongly than ever before. The model of care for the three-door MINI F56, the five-door MINI F55 and the MINI convertible F57 will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show in 2018, and conjures up the Union Jack in the next few years, hundreds of thousands to the streets: The already of several Concept Cars the brand’s well-known rear lights-Design with the stylized flag of great Britain finally comes in series!

New lighting technology, there is also at the Front, because the MINI-Facelift in 2018, with continuous LED outline for the characteristic spot at the Start. The circular daytime running lights will Flash full-surface orange and is expected to inform all other road users clearly about the intentions of the MINIs. Also new is the logo on the Front and rear of the vehicle, for F55, F56 and F57 are the first production vehicles with the reduced MINI-logos are the skin on the outside. For even more fresh Wind and new rims and the new liveries Solaris Orange and Starlight Blue that we must look to the first photos also:

MINI Facelift to 2018: British F56 & co. were never

In addition to the Changes to the Design, there are technically some of the innovations that bring the Premium small car with the highly visible British roots to the latest state of the art. The new Adaptive LED headlights with Matrix-technology that can hide other road users and so a more frequent use of the distance light allow. Although the provides a division into only four segments not for a similar comforts as in higher vehicle segments, for a small the technology is, but is, nevertheless, significant.

How big are the Changes under the hood to fail, depends crucially on the selection of the engine. On first glance, the biggest Changes relate to the MINI One and the MINI One First, because the entry-level models go in the future, also with 1.5 liters displacement and 10 extra Newton-metres of torque at the Start. Also the three-cylinder engine of the MINI Cooper in 2018, and the four-cylinder of the MINI Cooper S are equipped with a new, more powerful gasoline direct injection. The maximum pressure increases from 200 to 350 bar, and the combustion was further optimized.

Even more exciting it is in the case of Diesel engines, because on Board the MINI Cooper SD Facelift of the BMW B47 TÜ1 is apparently already in use: How MINI rather casually mentioned, has the most powerful Diesel from the face lift, a two-stage turbocharging. With other words: The announced change from Single to twin turbochargers, the four-cylinder Diesel BMW B47 is transferred from now on, step-by-step in the series. The maximum injection pressure rises in the same breath to 2,500 bar, which in turn gives the developers even more options to the vote.

Standard with almost all variants of the MINI Facelift in 2018 and are equipped with a manual six-speed gearbox, an optional 7-speed DCT from Getrag stands for MINI One, Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper D. The 170-HP four-cylinder Diesel in the MINI Cooper SD is combined as standard with the tried-and-tested eight-speed automatic from ZF.

For the interior, the designers have designed a new series-steering Wheel with three spokes and multifunction buttons. The audio system with 6.5-inch large Display in the Central instrument with the Facelift of the standard equipment, optionally, the Infotainment System via Touchscreen. Thanks to telephony, with Wireless Charging-compatible Smartphones can be charged from now on also wireless in the center console. With Online features such as Real-Time Traffic Information, navigation map Updates over the air and Concierge Service, the MINI remains even after the Facelift, above-average networked.

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