On your own: Brite BMW M3 Touring F81-unique


Where there’s a will, there’s a way: If the M GmbH steadfastly refuses, you must realize the BMW M3 Touring F81 on your own! As or similar to the Englishman Nick P who has realized the dream of a Combi-M3 itself thought. On his Instagram channel 63np has the Englishman a few photos and some info to the tag published, and the result in Europe would certainly be a couple of hundred customers might find.

Because even if the M GmbH asserts again and again that the market for a BMW M3 Touring would be too small and the supply not included, therefore, the fascination of the idea for years, unabated, and seems to find any official “no” from Garching to find new Fans. On the other hand, is also clear: The majority of the customers of the M GmbH in the USA, Premium estate cars are in demand. For all European Fans of the BMW M3 Touring is just the way of Nick P, therefore, remains: take a 3 series Touring F31 and high equip him with all the necessary Parts from the sedan F80 harmless 320d the BMW M3 Touring F81.

A detailed report on the tag will publish Nick P for a few days, but now the photos show a very impressive result for: front bumper, bonnet, rear bumper, exhaust system, mirrors, rims and even the widely flared wheel arches are clearly from the BMW M3, and his Touring for the ultimate Power combo. Under the hood, the BMW twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder S55 is working, and the place of the originally installed four-cylinder diesel has taken, is self-evident.

The official position of BMW M GmbH, but is expected to change the professional remodeling from England nothing: Although the Mercedes-AMG C 63 T-Modell and Audi RS 4 Avant, that there is a market for such a sporty station wagon, you can leave the field without a fight the competition. The Garching are in a way a burnt child: Already two Times there have been Attempts with official Touring variants of the M5, both of which were in sales far behind expectations and were clearly in the shadow of the saloon.

That one is still in Garching from time to time, serious about a BMW M3 Touring is thinking, and proves the prototype of the corresponding folds on the E46 base. Although it did not at the time in a single piece, this was according to statements of the responsible developer, but ready for serial production – but not only then has the Executive Board decided otherwise. Who neither feel like the competition is still on a tag on your own, however, is still a more attractive Option As it would be with the 440 HP strong BMW Alpina B3 S Touring, in little more than four seconds to 100 km/h sprint and a top speed of over 300 km/h?

(Photos: Nick P / 63np)

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