Park mobile Takeover: BMW facilitates Parking search

With the Acquisition of the Parking App Park mobile, the BMW Group supported their self-understanding as a leading provider of Premium mobility. Park mobile LLC, is the largest provider of mobile Parking services in North America and a world-wide network of around 22 million customers in more than 1000 cities. Since 2014, the BMW Group is on the side of the Park mobile and a minority held so far, the participation, in addition, the Park mobile Group Europe since April 2016 owned by the BMW Group. Through the Acquisition, the BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of digital Parking solutions.

One of the brands of the Park of mobile Europe, the service ParkNow, the many BMW customers and also drivers of other car brands already know and use on a regular basis. The Apps of Park mobile enable and facilitate the ticket – and cash-free Parking at the street edge, at participating car parks can also be searched for Parking via the App, and paid for to be reserved. All ideas contribute to the Parking search as a time-consuming, and to simplify at the same time, most annoying Affairs of the city traffic.

Peter Schwarzenbauer (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, customer experience and Digital Business Innovation BMW Group): “Up to thirty percent of the traffic in the city due to the search for a Parking space. With the Acquisition of Park mobile, LCC we are a leading provider of digital Parking solutions. Thus, we address Parking in the Painpoint and scale our offerings to our global customers.

Bernhard Bl├Ąttel (head of mobility services BMW Group): “We are proud of the achievements of the colleagues of Park mobile already and look forward to scaling the business, together with the new colleagues.”

Jon Ziglar (CEO Park mobile LLC): “The BMW Group has always been a pioneer in the field of disruptive mobility technologies. Through the fresh capital, as well as the network of the BMW Group, together with its partners and customers, we are well positioned for further growth and Expansion beyond North America. We could not have asked for a better Partner.”

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