Rally Dakar 2018 finals: Four X-Raid MINI to reach the finish line

The Dakar rally in 2018, was for the 92 car Crews with their buggies and all-terrain vehicles anything other than a relaxed desert walk. For two weeks, the beauty of the led and reckless 40. Edition of the world-famous rally through South America, and from Peru through Chile to Argentina – and in the end 43 of the launched off-roader reached the finish in Cordoba.

For the Mini X-Raid Team around team Manager Sven Quandt, the Dakar 2018 proceeded with mixed results: three of the seven MINI-Crews, the race had to finish – part after heavy accidents in advance. The biggest success for the X-Raid Team, the Pole Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski was able to back up with a good fifth place in the overall standings.

Together with co-driver Tom Colsoul Przygonski drove a very level-headed and even Dakar in the Mini John Cooper Works Rally without any dramatic incidents. As the next best Mini in the box #317 reached with Boris Garafulic and Filipe Palmeiro of the target on the 13. Place in the overall standings.

One of the newly developed John Cooper Works MINI Buggy, which competed on the Dakar rally in 2018, their first racing-stakes, finished the race, with Mikko Hirvonen at the wheel, and Andreas Schulz in the passenger seat after all, to total rank 19.

Sven Quandt, X-Raid team boss, the Finale of the Dakar:

“It was a pretty ambivalent Dakar. I think, on the driver’s side, there were unfortunately a few mistakes have pretty much thrown back, but on the technical side, we were surprised. The new MINI John Cooper Works Buggy was truly impressive and went without any problems. In Terms of Performance has really shown that he is the right weapon for the future. But the MINI John Cooper Works Rally was also good, and up to the early failure of Nani after a heavy Crash we were in a good Position. In the area of safety, the cars were incredible. You could make nearly any Rollover, without that someone was in danger. That the cars of 20 or 40 pounds heavier, has played no role, because we had super-safe cars, and this is in the case of this rally, the most important thing. Cuba has shown an incredible Performance of a very consistent ride from beginning to end. The fifth place is an excellent result for him. He held the whole race in the wind shadow of the Leading, approached ever closer to the top and no one had him on the bill. He and Tom made no mistakes – so you have to drive a Dakar.“

Sebastian Mackensen, head of MINI brand:

“Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Dakar, Carlos Sainz. A great compliment and congratulations go to Kuba Przygonski and Tom Colsoul for a hard-fought fifth place in the MINI John Cooper Works Rally. We are pleased with the Team and are proud of this achievement. We knew how difficult this year will be to create it in one of the MINI John Cooper Works in Cordoba on the Podium. Despite the early failures and setbacks in this particularly merciless edition of the Dakar, the Team X has proven-raid Sven Quandt a lot of morale, fighting spirit and the typical Team Spirit, and despite the curious Rennvorfälle, never be discouraged. Anyone who manages in the Dakar to the finish, deserves the greatest respect. We look forward to the next Dakar, we accept the ultimate challenge in rally-Sport in 2019 again!“

Jakub Przygonski on his fifth place in the overall standings:

“We are so happy to be in the target. It was a hard race and is not easy. It was a test for us, and all in front of us placed have great experience in the Dakar, so we are very happy to be in such a good company. I’m sure one of the Youngest in the Top-5 and Top-10, and I think if we have a bit more experience, then we can really be very fast. It was a good race for me and Tom, we have understood in the Cockpit well, and our car was really good. It was certainly better than last year, with less weight, a better suspension and better tires. We had during the whole rally no problems, the car was definitely faster and everything went very well for us.“

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