The car market in Germany to 2017: More SUV, less Diesel

BMW Germany has been completed in the year 2017 with a strong December, and the sales total to the level of the previous year. With 24.821 vehicles of December 2017 was 9.9 percent higher than the same month last year and also significantly ahead of the sales figures of the big rivals Mercedes and Audi. MINI increased its sales figures in the last month of the previous year by 14.9 percent to 4.224 units and can look back on a generally good year.

The overall market remained in December 2017, one per cent year-on-year, for the full year, an increase of 2.7 percent to 3.441.262 new cars in Germany. With a share of 57.7 percent diesel were the undisputed main role of the Diesel share dropped further and stood at 38.8 percent. Despite relatively strong growth in vehicles with alternative drives in Germany, is still a marginal phenomenon: natural gas and LPG drives for 0.2 percent of new vehicles, electric cars represent 0.7 percent of the new car market, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrids are coming together to 2.5 per cent.

The declining Diesel share also helps that the average CO2 emissions of new car fleet in 2017, growing from 127,4 127.9 grams per kilometre. Of course, also plays a role, that of the SUV Trend continues unabated: With an increase of 22.5 per cent, no other Segment grew at a similar rate, meanwhile, SUVs are for 15.2 percent of all new cars and trucks have to small-and medium-class obsolete. Only the compact class can compete with 23.3 percent before the Soft-off-roaders. The colour of the car market of Germany remains the usual reluctant: 28.5 per cent of new registrations are grey or silver, 25.6 percent Black, and 20.9 percent White.

For BMW is a market share of 7.6 percent of new cars sold in Germany for the full year 2017. With 261.864 units, the core brand of the BMW Group amounted to a decline of 0.1%, virtually at the prior-year level, and clear on the third rank of the Premium brands: Audi sold in 2017 283.196 vehicles (-2.2 per cent), Mercedes comes to 326.188 units (+4,8%). Together with MINI (46.706 units / +6,1%), the Munich-based after all, the competition from Bavaria.

(Graphics & information: KBA)

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