BMW 3-series G20: Erlkönig-Video increases the anticipation of M340i

In 2018, the new BMW reveals 3-series G20 officially and in its full glory, the waiting Public, but before the Premiere, the finale’s development is still in full swing. A recent Video shows prototypes of the seventh-3P-Generation test-driving in and around Munich, but also in the dynamic driving limit range on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. A closer look at the various tailpipe configurations of the prototypes, because, of course, the visible tailpipes point at the rear, also in the case of the BMW 3-series G20 on the Motorisieurng.

While we may in principle expect a similar approach to that of the competition or during the current 5-series and with a more prominent tail pipes than the current generations expect, are the highlights of some of the solutions, however. In the case of the prototype with trapezoidal tailpipes, the Sound speaks in addition to the Design that we are witnessing here the development of the new BMW M340i. The first M Performance model to 3P-the Basis will be either directly at the market launch, or a short time later and shorten the waiting time for the next M3 Generation.

In addition to the M340i G20 it will be in the Form of the BMW M340d xDrive equal to a second 3-series M Performance model. The Biturbo inline six-cylinder Diesel with a minimum of 326 HP to follow in the footsteps of the current 335d, but is equipped, in the future, always with M sports package and receives a correspondingly sportier Setup. Together, the two sports to compete in-variants against the Audi S4 and Mercedes-AMG C 43, and the driving dynamics and fun-to claim the middle class of Munich.

However, even if the sports models will be first to enjoy the most attention, the actual music in the trade with the other models. In spite of the in Europe, decline in Diesel demand for the new BMW 320d G20 with Biturbo is expected to be a four-cylinder one of the most important models, the demand for the four-cylinder petrol models 320i and 330i will rise.

It is also clear that the Plug-in-Hybrid BMW 330e iPerformance a successor, because in many regions the demand for the part-time is increasing all the Streamers. As a showcase for clean and locally emission-free Driving, the Munich-based plan, however, is a different vehicle – just like the X3 and many other models, the 3P to the Basis for an electric car, which will go to the beginning of the next decade. Possible Name: BMW i4.

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