BMW 3-series G20: this Leak the complete engines-list?

The Premiere of the new BMW is 3-series G20 for a few months, but the seventh Generation is getting closer. There may be now a complete lineup of engines for the sedan, to be presented in this year. wants the list with all the petrol, diesel and Plug-in hybrids from a source. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the list currently, but it has a quite consistent and is likely to be very close to the actual motors Portfolio.

Compared to the current engines, all BMW 3-series G20 get almost additional performance, which is no Surprise: Currently, the conversion of the modular engines on the Stand TÜ1, so you get your first Technical Revision. Even if that’s not necessarily a performance increase is connected, it is definitely in the realm of the Possible. The list, approved BMW 320d and 320i will go in the future with 204 HP at the Start, also many other models will get performance increases in the range of 5 to 10 kW.

Here is the information on the available Transmissions and drive variants, because of the Trend to automatic transmission and all-wheel drive is continuing in the new BMW 3-series G20. For all lovers of manual selection from the G20 market-Driven and rear-wheel drive is a little small, especially larger engines are no longer offered due to a lack of demand as a hand-held switch with only two driven wheels.

This decision also relates to the two M Performance models, BMW M340i xDrive and M340d xDrive. Both the provisional Top-diesel as the Top Diesel are only available with eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive available. With 380 HP the BMW M340i is surprisingly strong, which he makes on the one hand, the power distance to the next M3 is too large, which on the other hand, but also a 100 HP gap between 330i and M340i – in would certainly fit a 335i with a 300 HP strong expansion stage of the four-cylinder B48. The new BMW M340d xDrive occur as expected following in the footsteps of the current 335d, and comes with 320 to 340 HP at the Start.

Two variants of the offer of the Plug is expanded-in Hybrids from BMW iPerformance. To the side of the more developed BMW 330e G20, a new BMW 325e, which is equipped with a 230 HP of system power and, presumably, less electric range. Whether we have to do it in the Plug-in hybrid with a classic xDrive or an additional drive of the front wheels by one or more electric motors, it remains to be seen. Further Details on the technology of the BMW 3-series G20 is not to be expected from the official side before the late summer.

BMW 3 series 2018: petrol engines for the G20:
BMW 318i | 136 HP | Manual / automatic | RWD
BMW 320i | 204 HP | Manual / automatic | RWD / xDrive
BMW 320i ED | 170 HP | Manual / automatic | RWD
BMW 330i | 265 HP | automatic | RWD / xDrive
BMW M340i | 380 HP | automatic | xDrive

BMW 3 series 2018: Diesel engines for the G20:
BMW 316d | 136 HP | Manual / automatic | RWD
BMW 318d | 163 HP | Manual / automatic | RWD
BMW 320d | 204 HP | Manual / automatic | RWD / xDrive
BMW 325d | 238 HP | automatic | RWD / xDrive
BMW 330d | 265 HP | automatic | RWD / xDrive
BMW M340d | 320-340 HP | automatic | xDrive

BMW 3 series 2018: Plug-in Hybrid for the G20:
BMW 325e | 230 HP | automatic | xDrive
BMW 330e | 265 HP | automatic | xDrive

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