BMW Digital Key from July 2018: smartphones instead of car keys

With the BMW Digital Key, the end of the conventional car key is again approaching a piece – and the Smartphone receives a further function, for which a special device was necessary. From July 2018, the BMW Digital Key is to be available and the customer’s phone to the car keys. A mandatory requirement is that in the Smartphone, an NFC Chip is integrated, and the authentication of the user via Near Field Communication allows.

As it has been for years, via App the car can be opened with the Smartphone and closed, the BMW Digital Key is a crucial step: Is the phone on the Wireless Charging Pad of the vehicle and therefore can be charged inductively, it is identified by the NFC Chip. As long as the Smartphone is here, the engine started and the journey begin – the actual Autschlüssel is so completely unnecessary.

A further advantage of the BMW Digital Key: The digital car key that can be shared with up to five other people, which facilitates the use of the vehicle by larger groups of people. Since there are normally only two car keys, for example, the use of cars by family members is not always easy – without the keys, so far, also the car can not be used. The Smartphone key from BMW ConnectedDrive, such problems are in the past.

The key increases not only the flexibility, but also offer more options for personalization. Specific Details BMW doesn’t call this, it is conceivable coupled settings such as seat position, preferred radio stations and the like but, among other things, to the user.

The introduction in July of 2018, first of all, exclusively for Samsung Smartphones will be able to use the BMW Digital Key, later on the phones of other providers are expected to follow. While there is still no date for the introduction of the digital key in combination with the Apple iPhone, an Update is only a matter of time.

For the first time the Digital Key is presented in the framework of the Mobile World Congress in 2018 in Barcelona. BMW shows there is also a i3 that can demonstrate Autonomous Driving on Level 5 and the driver finally to the passenger. A further topic is the Integration of a second eSIM, which allows the customer to have the parallel use of own mobile phone contract and the vehicle’s own eSIM-card. So, for example, phone calls, and data Transfers can be used with high quality because only one SIM card is busy.

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