BMW Dingolfing and Landshut: records in the back, 8 in the view

In the case of the two lower Bavarian BMW plants in Dingolfing and Landshut in 2018 in the sign of the 8: BMW 8 and i8 Roadster are the two most important innovations of the year. However, when looking in the rear-view mirror, the two plant Director, Dr Andreas Wendt, and Dr. Peter case, böhmer can look forward to 2017 for both locations, a year of records. In Dingolfing 367.000 BMW Automobiles were built, the equivalent of almost a fifth of worldwide sales of the brand. And in Landshut, Germany in 2017, more electric drive components are manufactured together as in all the previous years!

For 2018 it is assumed to be in the BMW plant in Dingolfing, approximately 30,000 vehicles as a Plug-roles-in-Hybrid from the Band – almost twice as many as in the previous year. Also in Landshut, the Numbers of 2017 represent by no means the end of the flag pole, rather, they are the Basis for a further strong Expansion of electric mobility competence: An important intermediate step, to be able to the BMW iNEXT as planned in 2021 in series with components from Landshut, built in Dingolfing. Also the drivetrain of the MINI E in 2019 will come from the lower Bavarian works exactly as planned for 2020 fifth Generation of E-drives of the BMW Group.

In the Dingolfing plant in 2018 will be started with the serial production of the new BMW 8er G15, which works to strengthen its role as a global centre of expertise for the BMW top-class series. Also, batteries and suspension components for BMW i8 and i3 come from Dingolfing. The two at the Leipzig plant, mounted on i-models get a number of components from Dingolfing and Landshut, including, in addition to the electric motors, the Carbon body shell and the plastic outer skin.

Dr. Andreas Wendt (Director of BMW Group plant in Dingolfing): “We are working with high pressure on the success of the next 50 years. In a hard-fought competition and an industry is transformed by electrification, and digitalization currently radically, it is more than ever on operational excellence and strategic vision.
The BMW Group relies on the way in this new Era of mobility, again, in lower Bavaria, is a great proof of trust and motivation for the people who work here.”

Dr. Peter case, böhmer (head of BMW Group plant Landshut, Germany): “New models and technologies to ensure the long-term utilization of our facilities and the jobs of our employees to make sustainable for the future. Our aim is to make the change as a pioneer and to defend our position as a leading global. Thus mobility ‘made excited in lower Bavaria’ in the future people all over the world.”

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