BMW Individual: BMW M550i xDrive in Austin Yellow Metallic

From the house of BMW M550i xDrive G30 relies more on Understatement and not apparent to any casual observer, what it can do. It is also very different, shows a in the sales order, the ordered BMW M550i of Autohaus Matthes group at the site in Suhl: With Individual painting in Austin Yellow Metallic, the M Performance 5er suddenly everyone’s attention and removes any doubt as to its dynamic role within the G30 family.

The Golden paint scheme that was introduced a few years ago, with the market launch of the current M4, the BMW M550i. Kidney, exterior mirror, and air guide elements, accent in Cerium Grey, and provide additional delineation of the weaker models. The 20-inch M light-alloy wheels double-spoke 668 M with mixed tyres and two-tone paintwork, are another Detail that highlights the BMW M550i clear from the 5-series family.

The BMW M550i xDrive can allow the extrovert appearance in Austin Yellow, is not given its impressive technology to the debate. The V8 Biturbo engine making 462 HP and is strong enough to accelerate the sedan in only 4.0 seconds from standstill to 100 km/h. Thus, the BMW M550i is on the Level of the rear-drive M5 of the previous Generation F10, which is all to the performance of the M Performance sedan said.

Under the M Performance automobiles, the BMW M550i is one of the most important sales drivers, especially in the U.S., the V8-sedan. In Europe, the majority of the M Performance customer decides to date for the M550d with 400 HP heavy Quad turbo-Diesel, does not differ optically from the M550i. In the year 2017, the world of 5,500 copies of the M Performance Automobiles the BMW 5 series were sold, even more successful, only the much cheaper compact athletes M140i and M240i. All the Details of the sales of BMW M and M Performance 2017 can be found here.

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