BMW M5 F90 Individual: Frozen Black, Purple Silk, Java Green, …

BMW Individual indicates on the example of the new BMW M5 F90, as it is versatile, the choice of the customers in terms of painting. The offer is also unlimited in the case of the recent Power sedan from Garching, Germany, nearly, and ultimately only a question of price – even with other manufacturers linked coatings, such as Ferrari Red is to be implemented on request. On the race track of Estoril, on our first laps in the new BMW M5 turn were allowed to (the ride report), the M GmbH is now some particularly species gathered and to the photo shoot loaded.

We thus obtain, among other things, an impression of the BMW M5 F90 in Frozen Black. The matte Black is since many years very popular with individualists who don’t want to stand out at a glance, and enjoy it, if many observers, only on a second Look, the peculiarity of its paint job stands out. Those who prefer to stand out in the first Moment, with Java Green is certainly no mistake.

One of the particularly extroverted colors Purple Silke. The bold Purple stands out on a Parking lot, the limo to the absolute eye-catcher. Similar can be said of Long Beach Blue Metallic, the self-conscious turquoise-Blue, is anything but inconspicuous.

But no matter what coating and with or without the help of BMW Individual, an extrovert can afford the new BMW M5 F90 in any case. With 600 HP and all-wheel drive M xDrive, it creates it according to factory specification, to accelerate in only 3.4 seconds to 100 km/h – no series-BMW previously was faster! And the trade press has already shown that in practice even faster . In view of the driving performance on sports car level is an eye-catching livery is certainly not a mistake. And as our photos from a suitably painted M550i show, is likely the M5 in Austin Yellow with a shiny appearance and lie down.

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