BMW M5: How Bluetooth is almost the Drift record

would have prevented

If you are planning a world record in the continuous drifting of a car, must account for Surprises and be able to react spontaneously to unexpected situations. Certainly not the leaders of the BMW had expected that Bluetooth could come to the target world record in the way – and yet it was, of all things, the seemingly simple technology to connect the phone to the Infotainment System of the vehicle, which would, of course, for a break in the Drifts and in order for the termination of the record attempt.

The ability to communicate during the Eight-hour spectacle was so important because record driver Johan Schwartz had to inform his helpers from time to time about the current Tank level. Just so the Crew knew when the second vehicle had to be sent to the refueling in the wet circular path, in order to realize the demanding Refueling maneuvers during Drifting. In these delicate moments of communication was important to Schwartz, Matt Mullins could entertain while the two professionals for their drift Power-sedans as safely as possible to each other to approach.

What first easily worked, according to a report from almost from the Smartphone of the record driver ruined: in the Middle of the Drift broke the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the Infotainment System, and was also not so easy to re-enable it. So Johan Schwartz was forced to reboot his Smartphone while he had to keep up with the other Hand, the 600 HP strong BMW M5 F90 in the Drift.

Schwartz mastered the challenge, however, as cool and imperturbable as the small collisions that occur in the course of the Tandem Drifts and finally: no reason, the world-record Drift cancel! Some more impressions of the Drift-Action, which ultimately led to several entries in the Guinness Book of World Records, also provides the Behind-the-Scenes Video from BMW USA:

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