BMW personnel, the CoPilot advertising: If robots are jealous

That cars are becoming more intelligent and Autonomous Driving step-by-step to reality, not release, according to an advertisement for the BMW staff, CoPilot, only enthusiasm. Around a Minute long, we may observe once as an intelligent and celebrated, household AIDS such as vacuum cleaner robots as they dull become of existence as a Smart Home-helpers with full intention to recycle your, apparently, an end.

What is missing is, apparently, the admiration and recognition by the human owner, who can no longer delight for your skills: For in the entrance of a current BMW 5 series G30 with Driving Assistant Plus and the driver enjoys the services of the staff, CoPilot, lawn-mowing robots, & co., is quite mundane. What was once a celebrated progress, and is now a normality and inspires no one.

The current BMW 7-series, 6-series GT, 5 series and X3 systems available for the BMW staff CoPilot relieve the driver in a variety of situations and take over some of its most important tasks. Depending on the environment and traffic situation, the vehicle takes distance and speed control as well as steering and lane guidance for different periods of time, wherein the human driver to take both hands off the steering Wheel and the actual driving task is allowed to leave the electronic Co-pilot.

What is something to keep in the years to come-robot-concepts of this development, the tongue-in-cheek promotional Clip from BMW:

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