BMW X2 Rebel Edition: Five unique items with Thermo-Tattoo

Even before the official market launch, the BMW X2 Rebel Edition, the first special model of the compact City SUV that is sure to captivate with his cheeky appearance new customer groups for the brand. The BMW X2 Rebel Edition is a joint project between BMW Italy and the tattoo artist Pietro Sedda, who has transformed the already distinctive C-pillar in the area of the BMW Logos in the style of the Tattoos individually.

Five unique pieces are the result of his work – and who wants to ensure the BMW X2 Rebel Edition, should be fast: Available in the five copies of the special edition are only available from 8. up to the 12. February 2018. Was used in a thermo-chrome paint, which acts depending on the temperature – and thus at some temperature practically remains invisible. While the Tattoo of the X2 is not more than 18 degrees, puts it at the latest by 12 degrees in the focus, revealing that it is a particularly rebellious X2.

All five copies of the BMW X2 Rebel Edition are equipped with the provisional top of the range and go as the xDrive25d with 231 BHP Biturbo Diesel to the Start. Also identical to the design of the Exterior is The unique M Sport X package is combined with the new coating in a Galvanic Gold, the hue in the interior with yellow contrast stitching. A number of special features round out the not necessarily to minimize costs designed configuration of the special edition.

You can buy the BMW X2 Rebel Edition exclusively online at price is 60,000 Euro. Two of the five t├Ąttowierten Lifestyle SUV’s are out of stock at this Moment already, the other three models are likely to be found within a short time a buyer. The last Chance to secure one of the unique X2, ends on Monday at 14 PM.

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