Diesel-review: KBA and BMW to criticize DUH-Test

Earlier than expected, the KBA has published the results of its review of the BMW Diesel engine in the 320d. The investigation was triggered by a “Test” of the German environmental aid (DUH), in which increased emissions have been identified. Clearly it is said in the short Statement of the Federal authority: “The Federal motor transport authority (KBA) has examined the model of BMW 320d Euro 6 and own measurements. The exhaust emissions on the dynamometer and on the road are not objectionable under normal operating conditions. There is no impermissible switch-off facilities could be established. From the results obtained with elevated NOx emissions are a result of normal operating conditions. Therefore, there is no need for the introduction of measures.”

With other words: The allegations of DUH in the direction of the BMW are without basis. What is the KBA “not normal operating conditions”, was none other than the scandal-prone headlines Provoke to harm BMW. On a serious way to the BMW 320d the Diesel exhaust gas purification of the B47 engine, you can appear to any misconduct of evidence. The DUH has made it is a further proof, to be enjoyed with much caution, their supposed Tests and examinations.

BMW has also published a position paper for review by the KBA and notes soberly:

The force travel Federal office (KBA) today released the results of the test of the BMW 320d, the exhaust gas behavior of the German environmental aid in December 2017 criticized. After review by the KBA that The tested vehicle meets the legal requirements to the full extent.
The now published results of the current KBA-studies confirm, once more, have occupied a variety of official investigations around the world: the BMW Group, no illegal activities and technical measures, to influence the test mode for the collection of emissions.
Of course, this applies also for the recently criticized BMW 320d. Results of extensive dynamometer and road-test shows evidence of the. The “TÜV Süd” confirmed as early as 2015 in terms of the vehicles of the BMW Group: “All of the tested vehicles are the NOx values (…) within the technically explainable and expected tolerance, and show from TÜV SÜD’s point of view, behavior is a very robust exhaust.” In concrete terms, this means that The exhaust gas treatment emission control systems that cover effectiveness of the typical customer driving to the full extent. There is no intervention (“Manipulation”), the impact on the emissions of the vehicle.
The KBA test results also indicate that the by the German environmental aid (DUH) defective exhaust-gas values due to forced driving situations and faulty attempt came to implementation. These are not representative.

BMW development chief Klaus Fröhlich adds: “as a General rule: vehicles of the BMW Group are not manipulated. Our diesel engines are clean. Can rely on that the Public and politicians, but especially our customers and employees. The KBA test results show very clearly that The tested vehicle has not been tampered with. The action of the DUH, we hold, therefore, untrustworthy and without any validity.”

(Photo: KBA)

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