Driving report BMW X2: big-city rebel, with its own rules of the game

At first glance, the new BMW X2 only closes a gap in the previously five-member X-family, but the first impression could hardly be more deceptive. Clearly, the X2 is a close Relative of the X1, but he is, in many aspects, also, in his own way and cares little about what was in the family in the past. Kidneys are wider at the top than at the bottom? A Logo on the C-pillar was still no X-model? M Sport and xLine are two completely different Pair of shoes? Up to now might have been, is the X2 but welcome regardless.

Before you even Get in the first ride report of the BMW X2 is shown as a rebel, under the X-models, as an independent and indisputable town model. Whether that’s enough to conquer the hearts of the customers in the storm, can only show the future – what is clear, however, that the BMW X2 is expected to make his somewhat unconventional kind of a stir. He exceeds the limits in some Places, quite deliberately, and breaks the rules, the rails actually irrefutable. And so, suddenly stands in front of a test car, the kidneys are wider at the bottom than at the top, bears a prominent BMW Logo provocatively on the C-pillar and the blurs with the equipment package M Sport X the boundaries between dynamics and off – road focus.

Driving report BMW X2 to 2018: their Own rules in the City

Self-reliance and character alone, however, would be much too little to be able to in the highly competitive Segment of the City-SUV with a Premium-claim in the long term. Therefore, it goes without saying that the BMW X2 has to offer more than just a special Design: Based on the Bestseller X1, the new life Tyler comes under the X-models with a lot of modern technology and shows what can be based on the BMW UKL architecture, for vehicles with front-wheel drive build anything.

While the exterior, with the exception of the antenna fin on the roof and the door handles no common parts with the X1, the interior is largely unchanged from its little brother. The Cockpit like with a ‘real’ Head-Up Display, without the disc, many options for customization to Golden contrast stitching, and the recent 1 – and 2-Facelift-known instrument Display in Black Panel Look. Options such as the iDrive System, with Live tiles and touch-screen, Wireless Charging for Qi-enabled mobile phones or the huge panoramic glass roof not only in the City impression, they also make long-distance journeys more comfortable.

Amazingly comfortable, the BMW X2 is even then still, if he dare, such as our test with the 19-inch light-metal wheels of the M Sport X package is equipped. The all-wheel drive xDrive corresponds to the UKL models with additional drive of the rear wheels, in the X2 is a Haldex V clutch in case of need, the power to the rear axle. In the case of the BMW X2 xDrive is equipped with the X1 optional Performance Control and works amazingly well: Because the force distribution is already adjusted before the front wheels lose traction, feels like the X2 with xDrive for a Moment like a front-wheel drive.

Even the one who creates it, and the front wheels want to overwhelm with the 190 HP and 400 Newton metres, the four-cylinder diesel engine, reaping only the traction of four driven wheels. Just on the curvy roads in the Portuguese Hinterland, the BMW X2 delivers an entertaining show that all the fears about lack of fun to drive quickly forgotten. Sure, the rear-drive BMW’s usual penchant for Power oversteer is the X2, but in the everyday life of the vast majority of customers, the conscious plays Provoke unstable driving States known to have the slightest role.

While you can’t blame the BMW X2, therefore, no lack of driving pleasure, there are other Places still room for minor improvements. For example, the Full-LED headlights of the X2 no Selective Beam function to Hide other traffic participants and the assistance systems are on the usual class level, but set no standards and provide, as expected, not the same sizes as in the larger BMW innovations of the recent past.

The bottom line is that the BMW X2 is still one of the most exciting and the most modern Offered in its class, the only one with a real HUD equip and will not convince a lot of customers recently with its cheeky Design. To the new Designer piece of the Compact SUV to drive, you should not be stingy. A copy of us driven BMW X2 xDrive20d with M Sport X package and a comprehensive range of equipment breaks easily, the 50,000-Euro mark, and proves, what has been in the auto industry for almost of the basic law-character: Who wants to be beautiful and individually, had to always something to dig deeper in the pocket.

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