DUH counters KBA-Test and repeated accusations against BMW

Even after the unequivocal Declaration and criticism of the methods of measurement of DUH by the force travel Federal office of the German environmental aid remains in the law. In a press release, DUH-boss Jürgen Resch brings to be a lack of understanding concerning the KBA’s investigation of the expression and repeats the already disproved allegations in the direction of BMW. As a reaction to the “acquittal” for BMW, the DUH is calling for a disclosure of all measurement results, because the BMW 320d in the DUH Tests had a significantly higher nitrogen oxide emissions than in the laboratory.

As the force travel Federal office and BMW have unanimously stated, were the result of the DUH measurements on a practice distance driving and have to do devices, therefore, nothing to do with illegal Shutdown. It is simply in the nature of things, that vehicles with an internal combustion engine to pay when operating at higher speeds, a higher consumption and consequently higher emissions. The DUH has taken care of numbers in their attempts due to manual gear change of the automatic transmission which artificially higher speeds, and thus also aware of the pollutant emissions in the amount driven. The KBA appreciated this approach as “not normal operating conditions”, BMW speaks of ” forced driving situations, and faulty Experimental procedure”.

Regardless of the strong lesson from Flensburg Jürgen Resch and his German environmental aid continue to feel they are in the right: “We stand by our measurements and ask the KBA to publish the measured data and a possible involvement of BMW in the measurements. In addition, the KBA should publish all findings it has raised or BMW subsequently reported by the KBA but obviously as a ‘legal’ classified cut-Off devices. The Public has a right to know under what driving conditions will be shutdown enabled facilities.”

The provoked travel at a constant speed with high rotational speeds, without the goal of high emissions, neither the automatic transmission nor would a reasonably sensible motorists permanently be practiced, describes the DUH as a “dynamic driving style”. Or in the words of Jürgen Resch: “Even if the BMW is driven as a postal delivery vehicle, does not comply with the Euro 6 limit values on the road. Really bad, the NOx-emissions, if the BMW ‘dynamic’ risks.”

Also the person in charge DUH-investigator Axel Friedrich from the DUH-own-Emission control Institute (EKI) rejects the accusations of KBA and BMW: “We can not understand the statement of the KBA. Our measurements were repeated several times, the test bench measurements by the TÜV Nord carried out and we have disclosed our information.”

The DUH is not repeated their accusations in the direction of BMW explicitly and only the car manufacturer and the Offer of a non-Euro-6-compliant vehicle, but also throws the force travel Federal office a bad review. If the KBA or BMW will respond with a further comment on the actually officially exhausted allegations, remains to be seen.

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