Efficiency Champion under the hood: BMW P63/1 on the M8 GTE

Together with the BMW M8 GTE BMW Motorsport has also developed a new racing engine for the series production. The internal P63/1 famous engine was developed for use in the framework of the FIA WEC since February of 2016, and was the most comprehensive engine project since the introduction of the DTM-engine in the year 2012. On the way to series maturity over 500 drawings were created to the Motor for the total drive, there were even more than 1000.

The result is Not less than the most efficient drive, the BMW Motorsport has developed. The performance of the V8 engine with 4.0 liters of displacement is that of the classification of the vehicle and the associated size of the air restrictor is dependent, therefore, between 500 and well over 600 HP are available to the driver of the BMW M8 GTE, depending on the regulations. Particularly high speeds may not be not necessary, the eight-cylinder is the rule, with more than 7,000 rpm on the road.

A year after the beginning of the project, the BMW P63/1 at 20. January 2017 for the first time on the engine test stand of BMW Motorsport, on 1. July, the trial by fire test was followed by tours on Board of the race car. 27. January 2018, not a race, two years after the beginning of the project, completed the BMW M8 GTE, and with him the P63/1 in Daytona its first 24 hours.

The basis of the Motorsport engine of the BMW S63 T4, with 4.4-litre engine in the new BMW M5 F90 for propulsion. The cylinder head and the cast blanks of the series of motors have been adopted without modification for the racing, most of the 2,300 individual parts were modified for Motorsport use. Of the 985 various Parts 181 are taken from the series engines of BMW M GmbH, the remaining 704 were developed especially for the P63/1, or from other BMW Motorsport engines.

In contrast to the series-production engine S63T4 the P63/1 uses a flat crankshaft, which makes for a more regular firing order, and the sound improved. Modified the combustion chamber Geometry including the inlet and outlet channels, the intake and exhaust system and the turbocharger. The Changes were made primarily with a view to the long-Motorsport usual duration of stretch-load of 24 hours at full throttle on the piece.

The measures package allows it to burn the fuel in the combustion chamber despite temperatures of over 2,100 degrees Celsius permanently very quickly and completely. The BMW P63/1 reached an efficiency of well in excess of 40 percent, which makes it the so far most efficient BMW Motorsport engine of all time. In addition to the efficiency of the twin-turbo V8 also features a linear power delivery, which improves the drivability and the drivers error-free long-distance makes the race a lot easier.

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