Great Wall: a MINI-Joint Venture for electrical production in China

Rumors already existed, now the BMW Group officially confirmed talks for a MINI E, a Joint Venture in China. It is planned, therefore, the local production of 2019, as announced electric MINI in China, which is a Joint Venture with the Chinese car maker Great Wall Motor is to be set up. A corresponding letter of intent has no binding legal consequences, but a very concrete Declaration of intent, was signed today. A concrete production site in China is not defined, however, the amount of investment is still to be determined.

Further, the cooperation of the BMW Group with Brilliance Automotive will be expanded in parallel to the potential new Joint Venture between MINI and the Great Wall. Even today, BMW Brilliance jointly operate two car plants and an engine plant including the battery factory. The Joint Ventures are required to sell successfully in China cars. Against this Backdrop, the Joint Venture between MINI and the Great Wall to see, because for the further Expansion of market shares is a Chinese Partner of Central importance.

In 2017, China with approximately 35,000 units of the fourth-largest single market in the British BMW subsidiary. The core BMW brand sold even of 560,000 units in China, making the middle Kingdom is clearly the largest single market of the company. The shows also, what is the sales potential for MINI-slumbers in China and how attractive it is, in the most important market in Asia stronger.

Regardless of the obvious Expansion of the MINI-commitment in China, the British heritage brand continues to play a Central role. So the planned production of the MINI E 2019 is primarily intended for the Chinese market, for other markets in the City-electric car will be built at the main plant in Oxford. Thus, the BMW Group and its strategy remain faithful, to remain with the production as close to the main market of the corresponding vehicles.

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