Image comparison: BMW X4 2018 Mercedes GLC coupe


The hardest and for the foreseeable future, the only direct competitor to the new BMW X4 2018, the Mercedes GLC coupe. Our image comparison to compare and contrast the two SUV-coupe of the middle class directly, and makes it easy to evaluate the different Designs. Since the first photos from Munich, the second X4-show Generation as an M Performance model, we have opted for the competitor from Stuttgart, Germany for pictures of the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupé. Since BMW X4 M40i, and in the pictures to be seen M40d not distinguish visually, this comparison is already very good.

Relatively close to each other Mercedes GLC coupe and BMW X4 G02 are also available in the dimensions of Both vehicles are about 4.75 meters long, about 1.60 meters tall, about 1.90 meters wide and the wheelbase only differs by a few millimeters. The two counterparties are not also distinguish the space in the interior is essential. First comparative tests to be clarify in the next few months, who has in the perceived value and sense of space in front.

When you drive the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupé and the BMW X4 M40i to go their own ways: While the GLC Coupé from Affalterbach sets on a V6 Biturbo and an all-wheel drive with fixed power distribution in the ratio of 31:69, the X4 M40i with in-line six-cylinder and fully variable distribution of power to the Start. With 367 HP and 360 HP on the other hand, a similar driving performance resulting, in principle, the specification of the AMG at 4.9 seconds, a tenth of a second goes down slower than the BMW X4. An Alternative to the high-performance BMW X4 M40d Mercedes is not currently in the program.

Who wants a Mercedes GLC coupe with fully variable distribution of power, must grab to the top models of the AMG. GLC 63 and 63 S use of the well-known AMG V8-Biturbo with up to 510 PS and offer is currently unrivaled performance. The direct rival from Garching, the first BMW X4 M is still a few months to wait.

Regardless of the motorization, the electronic assistance systems on Board the Mercedes GLC coupe and BMW X4. Both models offer a wide range of useful helpers that can help the driver in many everyday situations. The more modern state-of-the BMW X4 G02 on Board, because the staff CoPilot mastered in addition to the distance control, as well as driving and tracking the execution of a lane change, if it wants the driver.

(Photos: Mercedes / BMW)

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