Image comparison: the SUV-coupe BMW X4 G02 meets predecessor F26

Only four years after the first X4 is its market will soon celebrate the all-new BMW X4 2018 start. As our image shows a comparison of the two X4 generations, has developed the founder of the segment of the middle class-SUV-coupé not only technically, but also in the Design.To see the sporty BMW M Performance variant is in each case: In the case of the X4 F26 the model M40i, all of the photos of the new Generation show the Biturbo-Diesel X4 M40d.

At the Front of the new BMW X4 G02 waived exactly how his technique-donor X3 G01 on a direct connection of the kidney and headlights. Not visible to the naked eye most of the numerous small measures have contributed to the improvement of the cW-value of about 10 percent. A note on the page view, the new Generation of an Air Breather above the air outlet has behind the front wheels. You can also see that the page view has been modeled with less sharp edges. At the rear we see a completely redesigned rear lights, which is significantly smaller and the BMW typical L-shape, re-interpret. The tailgate looks bigger because the plate is now placed in the rear apron.

With a length of 4.75 meters, the new BMW X4 in 2018 is about 8 inches longer than its predecessor, at the same time he is three millimeters flat. The results are a bit straighter and flatter proportions in the side view. Thanks to almost four inches to about 1,92 Meter increased width of the new X4 is also born on the Asphalt. Despite the overall larger dimensions, the weight could be reduced depending on the engine by around 50 kilograms.

In the interior of the BMW X4 in 2018, has also renewed. With free-standing Infotainment Display, gesture control, multi-functional instrument Display, Head-Up Display is 70 percent larger display area, and the significantly enhanced functionality of the latest iDrive Generation with Live tiles on the main menu, the new edition makes it clear to your predecessor in the shade.

On the technical side, especially the assistance systems in addition to the new engines and the further refined all-wheel drive xDrive in the eye. Also it’s here that innovations have made it in the last few years in the series – the range extends to staff, CoPilot, in addition to the distance control the lane and even lane changes.

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