Image comparison: Volvo V60 2018 meets BMW 3er Touring F31 LCI

The Swedish product offensive in the Premium Segment continues: the new Volvo V60 2018, the new BMW 3 series Touring F31 receives the end of its life cycle another important competitor that will also employ its successor with the code G21 from 2019. The Volvo V60 wants to inspire its customers with a Swedish Design and state of the art security technology, is self-evident. In both areas, the new V60 is based closely on its big brother, the V90 had transferred the design language of the current XC90 for the first time on a station wagon.

From big brother, the all-new Volvo V60 2018 überimmt also large parts of the active safety technology. Thus, the emergency braking assistant detects in addition to cars, bicycles, pedestrians, and even large wild animals such as elk or deer. The systems should detect an impending collision with the oncoming traffic, to mitigate the consequences of an automatically initiated emergency braking will also reduce the number of accidents. The Pilot Assist System assists the driver by steering and penetrates into the area of the part of Autonomous driving, with the Road Edge Detection, the impending Exit of the lanes without lane markings to detect.

Unlike the BMW 3 series Touring, the Volvo V60 uses in its Entry-level models to front-wheel drive only, high-performance petrol engine T6, T6 ‘Twin Engine’ and T8 Twin Engine with 310 to 390 HP from the very beginning with all-wheel drive available. For the Diesel models D3 and D4, a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic for choice, the power of 150 or 190 HP, but always sent exclusively to the front wheels.

The Infotainment System Volvo Sensus can be networked via an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Smartphone, and is connected via 4G to the Internet. A large touch screen in the center console is reminiscent of a Tablet PC and accepts control and display of the numerous functions.

The prices for the Volvo V60 2018 start at 40.100 Euro for the D3 with 150-PS-Diesel and front-wheel drive. Thus, the base price of the of Sweden suits is without taking into account Differences in the Standard of 500 euros above the starting price of the 318d. For the Volvo V60 D4 with 190 HP Diesel, at least 43.300 Euro must be paid for, the comparable BMW 320d Touring starts at 42.150 Euro.

As the Design of the two middle-class station wagons with a Premium-impact claim in a direct comparison, shows the following comparison:

Håkan Samuelsson (President and CEO of Volvo Cars): “For generations, the driver of the Family estate cars are an important customer group for us. The new Volvo V60 is in this Tradition, and leads you at the same time.”

Robin Page (Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars): “The Volvo V60 is undoubtedly the core of the Volvo brand. It is high quality, has beautiful proportions and at the same time offers excellent functionality and versatility.”

(Photos: Volvo / BMW)

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