Mission Impossible: Fallout – Tom Cruise drives a BMW 5-series E28

Fans of the well Action cinemas may 2. August 2018 to mark red in your calendar. Mission Impossible: Fallout best entertainment promises in the first Trailer, an extremely exciting Story, and of course, lots of spectacular Stunts. Tom Cruise embarks in the sixth part of the Action series on a seemingly impossible Mission – and will draw again on vehicles from BMW, in order to have at least a Chance.

The latest flagship of the BMW Group were in the last films in the focus, this Time it is emphasized in the classic way: In the Trailer we see Tom Cruise, among others, at the wheel of a green BMW 5-series E28, the start-up in 1981 for Action movies of the year 2018 is a few years after its market. Good services in chases in city traffic, the R nineT from BMW Motorrad, which is allowed to use Tom Cruise for some of the other Stunts.

Without the pain of the followers of the BMW 5-series E28 will not be able to enjoy the new Mission Impossible movie, but probably because, like in Action movies is common, the cars main cast suffers some injuries. As seen already in the Trailer, is shot at the classic from Munich, has to accidents will survive and is also treated everything else as a with care – but little time is understandable, if you just need to save the world.

The German cinema release of Mission: Impossible, 6 is for the 2. August 2018 it is planned, in the English language Fallout already appears on 27. July.

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