Police in Munich: MINI Cooper S F56 complements the small-car fleet

For three generations, the MINI is built by the BMW Group, for three generations, he is used by the police in the Bavarian capital. In the Form of a new MINI Cooper S, the Bavarian officials have received a new company car, designed to be used with its sympathetic Design, particularly of public Relations: Its future owner to work in the press office of the Munich police headquarters, and now the car on a whole series of service with the Bavarian-British roots look.

Just like the human servants of the police, the MINI F56 is wearing a new robe, a silver paint finish has been combined with a modern foiling in Blue, and Neon Yellow. The new Look is currently being taken over cars step-by-step of the entire Bavarian-strip fleet and match better to the new uniforms of the officials, for some time, also in dark blue instead of Green.

The modified Design specifications will also be looking at the three different generations of police MINIs. The first Generation (R50) 2001 was still predominantly white and only with a subtle green stripe equipped, went to the second-Generation (R56) predominantly green at the Start. In the year 2018, the police-MINI third Generation (F56) draws the step from green to blue.

In addition to the color, the drives are always more: The original MINI One was primarily as a photographic subject, the new MINI Cooper S with 192 HP and its agile chassis for other purposes. Also be equipped with a strong light signal system, as well as radio and telephone equipment qualified to the MINI for the real use of the vehicle. In the first line, the Briton is used, however, for public Relations and will contribute to inspire more young people to the police service.

Christian Oh (head of MINI Germany): “The MINI has always been a very special sympathy carrier. We are pleased that the latest generation model will serve as an Ambassador for the important work of the Munich police.”

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