Press review: DUH, after re-BMW-criticism of the pillory

The German environmental aid (DUH) is their defiant reply to the acquittal of BMW by the force travel Federal office in a hail of criticism. Numerous media reports about the renewed criticism of DUH-chief J├╝rgen Resch and often not a good hair on the supposedly reputable Organisation that owns, solely by their name in the case of many volatile listeners and readers with a certain significance. Against this Background, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) seems to be a “correct” motivated, the files the DUH first, and quite into the ground stomps.

The FAZ asks the question of all questions when it comes to the DUH and their criticism of BMW: “Who is manipulating here?”. Also in the case of the arrangement of the German environmental aid, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, takes no sheet before the mouth: “The Club has less members than a small gardener’s Association is funded Substantially by dubious warnings, and also allows the taxpayer to withstand, without that this could defend themselves against it. The self-glory of the protagonist is terrific.”

The Focus referred to BMW in an Online post as “final boss of the German environmental aid”, because the Munich-based not of the Allegations, the organization get to, and consistent with facts and studies against it. That it does not have the Munich-based public duel with an organization such as the DUH yet light, but also for the Focus:

Currently, BMW has not complied with rules in comparison to other manufacturers, not only the game, but also trying to play fair than others. This has been confirmed by several real measurements, even those not close to the auto industry is to blame. Use the does the bottom line is nothing, if during the game the rules are changed. For instance, by demanding that a car must adhere to today, the exhaust emission limits of tomorrow.

The Focus points explicitly to the fact that the DUH has discovered an “ingenious comfort zone” for themselves. While car manufacturers think up complex technology, develop, bring to series production and, finally, must sell, can put the German Umtwelthilfe easy “according to arbitrary criteria established by a Measuring probe in the exhaust” and by manufacturers of things require, over and above the legal required level.

Even before the re-replication of the DUH the environmentalists received sharp criticism, after the German Federal motor transport authority had expressly referred to the dubious methods of measurement of German environmental aid. The KBA announced on Thursday unequivocally, that the DUH criticized BMW 320d Touring meets all applicable requirements and the thorough investigations, no cause was found against the vehicle to proceed:

The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) has been the model of BMW 320d Euro 6 studied and their own measurements. The exhaust emissions on the dynamometer and on the road are not objectionable under normal operating conditions. There is no impermissible switch-off facilities could be established. From the results obtained with elevated NOx emissions are a result of normal operating conditions. Therefore, there is no need for the introduction of measures.

Die Presse was the headline on Thursday morning: “diesel affair with BMW? Now the environmentalists are cheating”. The affair with the clear position by the force travel Federal office has not yet expired, were, commented , once again, the FAZ:

There is, as yet, neither against BMW against Mercedes a proof for the exhaust gas manipulation. Nevertheless, their credibility is ruined.

Because even if the corners need a lot of criticism for their allegations once, remains in the Criticized always some dirt. Thus, an old could the proverb be true, that has helped anyone, really: “The Honest is the Stupid one.” – because if the exhaust-gas-cleaning was actually tampered with or not, thanks to the public Relations of the DUH much of a role. Even a car maker like BMW has been able to have all charges against him back and from the highest point of support, needs to listen to repeatedly criticism of the Diesel engines.

This view is supported by the fact that it has not been clearly addressed by the KBA from many media. The DUH were-allegations against BMW in December, a headline-prone theme, so the feebleness of the accusations to many media was no message or at best a marginal note value. Perhaps the real scandal – and another ugly example is exactly herein that in our current media landscape, although constantly after the supposed scandals is sought, the interest of truth and enlightenment, but continues to shrink.

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