Sales record: BMW reports best-ever February all-time

The January 2018 marked for the BMW Group worldwide sales-a record: Never before could be sold in January to buy more cars than at the start of the current year. That’s right, the Munich-based appears to be positive, to be able to seven record-breaking years to 2018, an eighth connecting. Worldwide, a total of 148.400 vehicles of the brands BMW, MINI and Rolls were sold in January 2018-Roace, which represents an increase of 3.8 percent.

As usual, the core BMW brand stands for the largest part of the sales figures, 148.400 vehicles with the blue-and-white Logo on the Front and rear were sold in the first month of the year. In comparison with the same month last year, this paragraph represents a slight increase of 3.4 percent. About twice as fast the MINI brand, whose 20.929 units correspond to an increase of 7.0 percent. Even to 12.7 percent BMW motorcycle grew, the two-Wheeler segment sold in January 8.455 vehicles.

The record sales of 100,000 electric cars and Plug-in hybrids in the year 2017 represents for BMW i and BMW iPerformance also only an interim step on the path to success: For 2018, will now be communicated officially a target of 140,000 vehicles, which would correspond to an increase of almost 40 percent. January 2018 is off to a good start, because with a 7.155 units 36.7 per cent more vehicles with an electrical powertrain could be sold than in the previous year. The main markets are the USA, the UK and Ireland and the Scandinavian countries. In the North of Europe, the share of electric cars and Plug in hybrids on the sales of the BMW Group at about 25 per cent, in the UK at over 11 percent and in the United States at about 5 percent.

Among the models with a conventional drive stabbed in January 2018, especially the BMW 5-series as a driver of growth. In comparison with the previous year, as many 5 customers waited for the launch of the current Generation, increased sales by 39.6 percent to 25.268 units. Strong growth also in the BMW 1 series (+26,4%), as well as the Compact SUV X1 (+10,6%).

Regionally, sales of the BMW Group is distributed relatively balanced in Asia and Europe, North America as the third important Region on the third rank. Most important Region was in January 2018 Asia, where 71.083 units sold 54.675 could be in China, with a large margin the largest single market of the company. In Europe 65.071 vehicles were sold, representing a slight growth of 1.8 percent. By 6.0 percent in the Americas Region increased in absolute Numbers, the sold 28.545 units correspond to but little more than half of the China paragraph.

Pieter Nota (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, responsible for sales and brand BMW): “We drive the largest model offensive in the history of the company and with the increasing availability over the course of the year, this continues to be reflected in our sales figures.
The deliveries of the new BMW put 5-series sedan by 40%, while the introduction of the new BMW has doubled 6-series GT, the total sales of the BMW 6 series in this month’s more than. In the course of this year we will bring more exciting new models such as the all-new BMW X2 on the market. In addition, we will increase the availability of the BMW X3 in the second half of the year. Therefore, I am convinced that this record month is the start of a new record year.”

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