Toyota Supra: BMW Z4 offshoot with 340 HP at 1,500 kg?

If you currently have information about the new Toyota Supra J29 enter the Public domain, should also look to all Fans of the BMW Z4 G29 in more detail. The two sports cars are known to be jointly developed by BMW in Munich and, despite the self-contained design technically in many essential points the same. Accordingly, it is exciting, what is the Japanese car magazine best cars reports: the Top model of the Toyota Supra J29 is powered by an inline six-cylinder with 340 HP, is equipped with an eight-speed automatic and brings in this stage of expansion, 1.496 kilograms.

For comparison: the current Porsche 718 Cayman S with PDK and 350 HP strong four-cylinder engine on an EU-weight of 1,460 kg, so it’s only a marginally better power-to-weight. Toyota itself has already officially announced the Premiere of a Concept Cars with a Motorsport Background, its roof line is on a Toyota Supra J29 as the base vehicle for hope. The study will be at 6. March will be unveiled at the Geneva auto salon in 2018 and could provide us with a very specific preview to the Japanese offshoot of the new BMW Z4 Roadster.

More Details from the Japanese magazine, the alleged dimensions of the new Supra, which is, according to table 4.38 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.29 meters flat. The wheelbase is 2.47 meters, just below the Level of the first two Z4-generations and promises to be far-above-average agility. Pretty optimistic, the specification of Japanese acts for the standard of print: Reportedly, the Toyota Supra provides the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, what would be the power-to-weight and the exclusive drive of the rear wheels, at least a Surprise.

The data of the BMW Z4 Roadster will differ in some points, what is the different roof construction: While the Supra is always as a coupe is the Z4, a Roadster with a soft top. Of a slightly higher weight of the Munich should, therefore, prefer to, in turn, a BMW Z4 M40i 2018 could go but also with a stronger expansion stage of the in-line six-cylinder engine B58 at the Start. What is certain is that The engineers in Munich have developed Toyota’s not a car, it makes the Z4 in any discipline.

(Source: best cars via vwvortex)

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