Video: BMW UK declared modes of the BMW M5 with M xDrive

In a lavishly produced Launch Video BMW UK presents the Strengths of the new BMW M5 F90. The particular focus of the all-wheel drive M xDrive, which provides for the first time, for driven front wheels in a BMW M5. The departure from the classic rear-wheel drive, which has helped all of the M5 to be an exceptionally good Handling and fun to drive-the guarantor was celebrated, not the cause in England, long-only enthusiasm – too many supposed all-wheel-athletes in the past have been strong, the picture of traction, but under control and very little feedback bidder heavyweights dominated.

That fun is also written on Board the new BMW M5 F90 M xDrive is particularly large, and no one is Worried about a boring driving behavior must make, therefore, is shown in the Video. We see the 600 HP strong Power saloon in the wild Drifts on the race track, and we can with your own eyes convince you, that the most recent M5, in spite of all-wheel drive, wonderful to drive – which, of course, also in the United States-established Drift-world-record impressively demonstrates.

Depending on the driving mode, the power distribution of the all-wheel drive always rear-wheel is Already in the Standard driving mode 4WD, the 600 HP of the V8 Biturbo will be distributed tends to be tail-heavy, in order to promote the agility of the sedan. In mode 4WD Sport smaller Drifts are not a Problem, in the case of excessive Oversteer, and a negative impact on the lap time, the drive of the front wheels helps but still have to turn the power efficiently into propulsion. In 2WD mode with deactivated DSC, the driver can continue to enjoy all the classic rear-wheel drive and as long as drifting, until the Tank is empty or the tires are at the end.

As the result of a complex engineering feat for the driver and what is the impact of the four-wheel drive changeover to the entertainment value of the M-flagship, clarifies our detailed BMW M5 F90-minute report. What it has to offer, the new BMW M5 F90 else, shows the Video from BMW UK:

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