WiWo: the force travel Federal office prior to the discharge of the BMW Diesel

New allegations keep the two years of the Volkswagen Diesel, which was triggered scandal alive, the question of exhaust gas purification in the case of engines of other car maker’s failed in the context of the TDI-manipulations. Allegations to the BMW Group like always, different than other car manufacturers there are in this case, but still not a single engine that is in breach of applicable laws – a fact that is not all people are aware of.

That is frequently generalized and it is assumed that, ultimately, all car manufacturers would have done the same, and Volkswagen only had the bad luck to be the first to be caught, is also due to organisations such as the German environmental aid. With a highly questionable “Experiment,” the DUH to pull the BMW 320d in the exhaust gas scandal: Through conscious MIS-operation Real were provoked by emissions far away from the reality lie only to the high emissions, eventually denounce. If the environment Try with such a“”, which deliberately and completely predictable, unnecessarily high emissions are generated, helped, perhaps, also in the case of the DUH.

According to a report from the Wirtschaftswoche, BMW could now, from the highest authority to be relieved, because the force travel Federal office has the BMW 320d in response to the allegations of the DUH again under the magnifying glass taken. Also in this investigation could, just like numerous Tests with BMW engines before, no illegal shut-off devices are discovered. Although it would have given a partial explanation of the results, the related questions were answered by BMW but apparently satisfactory.

The results of the KBA Tests bears the title “preliminary”, according to BMW but do you also before the “final” result is not a Worry. Since the KBA has not released the results of the study currently, the Details to be seen. The summary of the statements of of the business week respondents insiders sound, however, is quite clear: “the results of The tests were according to current knowledge, simply no conclusion as to an illegal defeat device.”

The final report should confirm this intermediate state, it is allowed to set, the German environmental aid to some uncomfortable questions. Shortly after the publication of the allegations, and these were rejected from several prestigious sources sharp, among other things, the TÜV Süd confirmed explicitly the cleanliness and conformity to the law of the investigated BMW 320d.

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