Z-Performance: the curtain rises on the darkest of BMW X5 M

To be noticed, do not need to be a vehicle, always colorful: you can also drag with an almost complete absence of color, many of the looks, the BMW X5 M F85 Z-Performance. The Power-SUV has a foil in the darkest Black, and qualified not only in order to the Batmobile, the it is more visible in the dark almost, only on the basis of the distinctive LED lights. Black rims and many more dark Details make the gloomy appearance perfectly.

The Front-headlights-to-date not the current series, because they were just like the rear tinted lights later on. Also, you have to get from OSSDesign a Matt black inner housing and the eye-catching glance with hexagonal and at the upper edge of the trimmed daytime running light rings, which you can still be aggressive. Positive side effect: The BMW X5 M and get as close to night look of the latest models, and the effect is still fresh.

In the case of the multi-part light alloy wheels are 22-inch rims of type ZP.Forged 12 Deep Lip in Matt Black, which is also the huge wheel arches of the BMW complete X5 M with ease. The blue fitting of the rim sets is one of the few colored accents, but only on closer Inspection. For humor loose traction, the Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres with 285 millimetres in width at the front and even 325er-rollers on the rear axle.

Even better, the wheels are coming thanks to a coilover suspension type KW variant 3, which provides, among other things, for lowering and also in train and pressure stage is adjustable. Aerodynamics and optics are additionally optimized with a front spoiler lip and a rear diffuser made of Carbon, both components are of RKP Composite. The black kidneys come just like the Carbon exterior mirror caps in the Tuning accessories from BMW M Performance.

Thus, the Z-Performance BMW X5 M is also at least as strong as the dark, he will get a power increase. Gorilla Performance from Ludwigsburg equipped with the V8 twin-turbo a Power Upgrade to 750 HP and 1000 Newton metres of torque. Frequency Intelligently provides the appropriate exhaust system with throttle control and Carbon fibre tailpipe trims, so that the voice of the Batmobile sounds appropriately dark.

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