Access by BMW: flat-rate subscription 2. April 2018 in the practice Test

With the Access by BMW, the Munich bring a flat-rate Service, to allow customers the use of different vehicles. Similar to the recently announced offers other automakers Access by BMW should offer the possibility to replace a specific vehicle, after a few weeks of usage duration by another. So, for example, the summer can be months in a convertible or a sports car, spent a while in the Winter, an SUV with all-wheel drive is driven and for the holidays is a spacious station wagon is available.

The starting shot for Access by BMW, according to information from Automotive News on 2. In April 2018, then the new flat-rate sales by a dealer in Nashville in the US will be tested in the state of Tennessee for the first time. The program is currently in the Pilot Phase, but should win over the long term, especially younger customers. The charm of the Auto-flat-rate is obvious: In return for the same monthly Rates, get flat-rate customers with a wide selection of vehicles and can benefit from the wide range of the BMW Group.

Remains unclear many of the Details of the flat rate offer. However, it is probable that there will be several different price classes. As an introductory offer, it is conceivable, for example, the only models of the MINI brand and the BMW 1-series and 2-series. Against additional charge, additional vehicle classes and series could be unlocked to acquire the Option on a 7-series or M5.

In comparison to conventional Leasing, it is assumed that the customer will have to pay for this flexibility is a significant extra cost. In the flat-rate cost is the cost for insurance and road tax are included because of the frequent change of vehicle otherwise would entail a high administrative burden.

When Access by BMW also provides German customers with access to a vehicle pool, it remains to be seen. It is clear, however: The soon to be in Nashville experience should rush important information to the concrete in Front of – and night, as well as the actual use by the customer. Currently, all car manufacturers are in a testing phase, because no one can say with certainty how the average flat-rate customer behaves, and how often he actually makes from the possible change of use.

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