Anniversary: BMW UK celebrates 10,000 of the BMW i3 since its market launch in 2013

Since the end of 2013, the BMW i3 is sold, now he has skipped over even in England an important brand: BMW UK reports the sale of 10,000 copies of the Leipzig-built electric cars. Noteworthy is the BMW’s anticipated Trend of rising sales numbers in the course of the life cycle. While the demand for conventional cars, as a rule, subsides with age, it seems the BMW i3, the opposite is the case: To 1,220 units in 2014, 2.145, 2,631 key and, finally, of 3,458 in the year 2017, followed.

A relevant contribution to the global Expansion of the charging infrastructure and the various improvements to the technology package to the BMW i3. Since the offer of the larger 94Ah batteries with ranges of up to 300 kilometers, the demand has increased significantly, the first parallel to the original battery offered energy storage for some time the only available Option. It can be combined with a small combustion engine as a Range Extender, to take the last of the Fears stay ahead of the unexpected.

The Charging infrastructure has been expanded in recent years. In the UK alone there are now more than 6,000 charging, with the BMW ChargeNow conveniently may be paid. Worldwide, over 130,000 appropriate charging stations are already in operation and facilitate the use of electric cars such as the BMW i3 significantly.

Together with the Plug-in hybrids from BMW iPerformance and MINI Electric, the BMW Group managed to increase its global sales of vehicles with electrified drive in the past year to over 100,000 units. For the next few years, there are more ambitious goals, connected with a further Expansion of the electrical supply. Already by the end of 2019, the brand of a total of 500,000 vehicles with electric or Plug should be skipped – in Hybrid powertrain, the 2018 and 2019 with a worldwide shortage of 150,000 units need to be managed.

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