AutoCar: BMW M130iX M Performance as a F40 Top model?

Long before the market launch of the new BMW 1-series F40 in the next year wants to AutoCar is already some info on the Top model from BMW M Performance have experienced. The news of Greg Kable, the sport is the most advanced variant of the third 1-Generation BMW M130iX M Performance at the Start of what would be in clear contradiction to the currently valid nomenclature. We hold a designation as a BMW M135i xDrive continues to be significantly more likely to not want to leave the proposal from the island but not mentioned.

No issues exist regarding the basic technology, the transition to the front-wheel-drive architecture makes the sport version of the BMW 1-series F40, inevitably, to the four-wheel drive. Since the Motor is not mounted as far longitudinally, but as the main competitors are the Audi S3 and Mercedes-AMG A 45 transverse to the direction of travel, as a source of power only a Turbo four-cylinder and not a six cylinder.

According to Greg Kable, the B48-offshoot in the BMW M130iX or M135i 2020 will make about 300 HP and not to the power-rivalry of the class to participate. We believe that such a strategy is quite conceivable, however, only for the beginning of the life cycle. It would be a real Surprise if BMW keeps permanently out of the competition for the fastest compact athletes and the competition, the field without a fight.

Thanks to a more developed all-wheel drive system with Haldex coupling of the next 1 series Generation of traction problems will be completely foreign. The electronic control of the all-wheel drive xDrive allows it to close the clutch before a loss of Traction at the front axle and to provide a power transmission to the rear axle. The BMW M135i 2020 will drive whenever necessary, all four wheels, in many situations of everyday life but as a more economical front-wheel drive on the road.

Regardless of the motorization of the BMW 1-series 2019 will be the move to the UKL architecture is noticeably lighter than the current Generation. In addition, the interior is more spacious because of the, so far, for a longitudinally mounted in-line six-cylinder dimensioned engine room thanks to the cross-engine solution to significantly less space. The significantly more modern Infotainment, which is added in the X1 is also a Head-Up Display, to inspire not only young customers for the 1 series.

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