BMW annual press conference 2017: Live Stream from Munich

Today’s BMW’s annual press conference 2017 is expected with great excitement, because, the BMW Group faces a variety of exciting challenges. Our Live-Stream shows the presentation of the Figures from the fiscal year 2017, mainly supplies but also answers to the exciting questions of the day.

What the Chairman of the Board Harald Krüger to say about yesterday’s RAID on the subject of manipulated Diesel-exhaust-gas values? How great is the danger of an impending trade war between the US, Europe and China? How to BMW overtaking back to the top of the Premium segment, and Mercedes? What is the reaction of BMW in Germany, the threat of driving bans for Diesel Cars?

In addition to the Livestream, we will be holding the most important statements in a kind of live Ticker below the Video-stream in writing.

The most important statements of the BMW annual press conference 2017 in a compact Form:

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