BMW Diesel-promise of redemption in the case of a driving ban

BMW Germany is reacting with a large Diesel-promise on the judgment of the Federal administrative court triggered a Diesel-uncertainty. Many customers shy away currently about to opt for a Diesel and grab more out of fear than out of Conviction to a diesel or Plug-in Hybrid. The customer’s confidence in the Diesel return and the fear of high losses in case of possible travel bans, there are from 15. March 2018, a redemption-promise of all BMW lease contracts for Diesel models.

The customer should be affected during the duration of his lease agreement with his BMW Diesel from a driving ban and a town are no longer allowed to drive within 100 miles of his residence or his place of work, with a minimum of effort in a connection contract relating to another vehicle from the BMW Group. The scheme provides that the vehicle of the connection contract has a maximum of 15 percent lower base price than the previously driven a Diesel.

The take-back promise applies to both new cars from BMW and MINI, as well as for demonstration cars, for Young Used 1. In April 2018, a similar redemption-promise to enter into force. First of all, the action is on contracts limited to 30. June 2018 to be completed, an extension of the confidence-building measure, but it is quite likely. For more information on this topic can be found directly on

Peter van Binsbergen (head of BMW sales and Marketing Germany): “Our diesel vehicles are fit for the future. The diesel engine is one of the most efficient forms of propulsion that are currently being installed in vehicles, and thanks to the multi-stage exhaust gas cleaning process is also very clean. We want to help our customers to select the optimal form of propulsion, without the current discussion is unsettling.”

For more information on the Diesel-back promise:

The Diesel-withdrawal of a supplementary agreement for the lease contracts of the BMW Bank GmbH, which allows, in the case of a Diesel-driving ban, the lessee of an early termination and settlement of the lease contract, Meet the following prerequisites is the promise:

  • The right of Return applies to lease contracts for new vehicles and demonstration of the BMW and MINI brands, which are applied in the period from 15.3.2018 to 30.6.2018 car. For young used BMW or MINI models of a similar program in planning, to be offered for leasing contracts for the application period 1.4.2018 to 30.6.2018.
  • The Diesel-back promise applies if a public Corporation according to the principle decision of the Federal administrative court of 27.2.2018 a driving ban only for diesel vehicles within a municipality in the German Federal territory orders. As such a driving ban is valid, if the entry in this field or which is prohibited by the journey within the territory of such a diesel vehicle, once on a weekday (working day, Sundays and holidays).
  • The driving ban affected municipality located within a Radius of 100 kilometers, the telecommunications law only the residence or the workplace of the lessee. The driving ban occurs during the term of the lease agreement and shall remain in force for the contractual vehicle.
  • The customer must enter into a comparable affiliation agreement with BMW Bank GmbH. As a comparable affiliation agreement for a lease contract in comparison with the previous lease contract provides for a maximum of 15% lower vehicle base price. Similarly, a financing contract is as connection, which provides the same or a higher vehicle purchase price in comparison to the vehicle-base price of the previous lease contract. The connection agreement may not be revoked.
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