BMW Group refused offer of Mercedes-Investor Li Shufu from

Before Li Shufu was the acquisition of almost 10 per cent of Daimler’s shares, the largest single shareholder in Mercedes-Benz ascent, the billionaire apparently also in talks with the BMW Group. As the mirror reported, there was in the run-up to the entry level, Daimler also talks between BMW and Geely founder. Li should have made BMW a better access to the Chinese market in view of, among other things, through his good contacts with the Chinese government.

In turn, the Li Shufu wanted to no shares, but a cooperation in the construction of electric cars. The BMW Group has, however, decided otherwise and, more recently, a collaboration of MINI Great Wall announced to the electric car MINI E in China, to build can. The decision for Great Wall BMW officially established so that the group know very well with electric cars – which is quite as a page can be interpreted a swipe at Geely, the company, Li Shufu does have a claim to leadership in the field of electric mobility.

Generally speaking, Li is aiming to Shufu to make Geely is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. The now by the Daimler apparently surprising way of purchase of shares, in a sense, forced partnership with Mercedes-Benz could be in the next few years, one of the key to the further advancement of the Chinese. Even now, the Swedish brand Volvo belongs to Geely group and has been developed in the last years gorgeous.

Li Shufu is not the only financially strong Chinese, the gains through acquisitions and partnerships with established European car manufacturers advantages in the domestic market and, above all, on the world market. Since car makers from China to the Rest of the world enjoy a competitive Image, it seems that the entry in the case of familiar brands, currently the drug of choice in order to get a foot in the door of the European and American car buyers.

The BMW Group is in a Position that can, at least in terms of a “hostile Takeover”: The family Quandt and Klatten hold the majority of shares and are available for several decades for a strategy of stable development. The Siphoning off of short-term profit opportunities for the owners so far is as foreign to me as other actions, which could be a sustainable development. It may be assumed that this stability has contributed significantly to the rise in the role of the leading supplier of Premium automobiles.

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