BMW i-Visionary Mobility: a New exhibition at the BMW Museum

With the new exchange exhibition, BMW i-Visionary Mobility, the BMW throws in the Museum, a look into the development of the automobile in the last few years. And while in series-built electric cars, other manufacturers are still music of the future, celebrates the market launch of the BMW i3 this fall for its fifth anniversary. Before BMW i in 2013 came on the road, there was a whole series of Concept Cars and studies that provided more or a few specific views of the new technology – and which are now assembled at the BMW Museum in Munich to the away from the study series again to understand.

Part of the exhibition, among other things, an early Carbon fibre passenger cell, from the time when the project was still in the name of Megacity Vehicle, but also a series of more detailed studies, such as the BMW i3 Concept from the 2011 Frankfurt motor show or the dynamic drawn i3 coupe Concept can be viewed from close up. Not a lot of Background info to the overall sustainable concept that goes far beyond the electric drive, and, for example, the materials used or the production of electricity for the production includes a must also.

The second major topic is expected to continue until September 2019, the current temporary exhibition of the BMW i-Visionary Mobility of the Plug-in Hybrid sports car BMW i8, the celebrated in the summer of 2014 its market launch. This year, the sporty flagship of the BMW i receives his Facelift, in addition, a second body variant of the BMW i8 Roadster to the starting line.

All friends of the BMW i8 can trace its path from the first study BMW i Vision efficient dynamcis to series maturity. The selection of the Concept Cars and prototypes also includes the first official preview of the now series brought the BMW i8 Roadster, and a test vehicle with fuel cell, 2012, for internal purposes, has been constructed and we are in 2015, a detailed report could.

That electric mobility can also be used for the canvas, and finally, the Memphis style editions of the BMW i3 and i8. Other topics are Autonomous Driving, and the challenges on the way to Level 5, which will accompany us for a few years – but one day for sure also make their way into the BMW Museum in Munich will find.

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