BMW i4: Harald Krüger confirmed name of the next i-model

Almost casually confirmed BMW CEO Harald Krüger, the name of the BMW i4: The next i-model is the beginning of the next decade, as the production version of the IAA study on BMW i Vision Dynamics to the dealers. For our regular readers, this message is not a Surprise, officially, the Name was confirmed, but so far. One may speculate whether the four-door BMW 4 series Gran Coupé receives against this Background, a conventionally-powered successor, or whether BMW is concentrated in the middle class with a notchback full-on 3 series sedan and the BMW i4.

In addition to the name, the short quote by Harald Krüger reveals the location for the production of the next i-model: The BMW i4 will be built at the main plant in Munich. Thus, the BMW Group is strengthening not only their home-state of Bavaria, but also sends a clear Signal for Germany as a location: BMW i3, i8, iNext and i4, the future will be built most prestigious vehicles of the world’s leading provider of Premium cars in the future in Germany!

At the Premiere of the study to the BMW i4 Munich announced officially that the four-door coupe will have a range of around 600 kilometers. The Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h should be achieved in 4.0 seconds, the maximum limited speed to 200 km/h. That these vertices also the Tesla Model 3, an important rival will be, is obvious.

And while on the today opened the Geneva car salon in 2018 and, in the case of the BMW i4’s all about the cars and the mobility of the future, the BMW Group is a quick look back to the year 2017. Because even though the average CO2 emissions increase in other Premium car manufacturers, recently, have been able to reduce the people of Munich, their average fleet emissions to 122 grams per kilometre. Since 1995, the CO2-emissions of the average BMW in order to over 42 percent.

A significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions improvements in petrol and Diesel engines, but also the increasing electrification of the model range. Over 100,000 vehicles with electric or electrified drive has sold, the BMW Group in 2017, in the current year, it should be already over 140,000 – and up to 2025 for the provision of relevant models is expected to grow to 25 vehicles. The BMW i4 is therefore only one component of many, because, of course, cars is for electric the same as for cars with conventional drive systems: The right body shape and the right engine is very individual, the offer of the only electric cars as a panacea, therefore, can be hardly a universally valid solution.

Harald Krüger (Chairman of the Board of management of BMW AG): “Our electro mobility strategy works! We drive the Expansion of our vehicle fleet with electric drives consistently. At the same time, we continue to work on the consumption-saving innovations for conventional drive technologies.
We will offer worldwide by 2025 25 electrified models. In 2017, we have shown with the BMW iVision Dynamics at the IAA in Frankfurt, as we imagine the future of electric mobility. This vehicle is a reality: We will build it as BMW i4 in Munich.”

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