BMW M2 Competition 2018: 410 HP and even sharper Design

The new BMW M2 Competition coming soon and will be revealed according to our information, in a few weeks officially. The Update for the compact athlete is quite extensive, and certainly justifies the new name, because a M2 without the Competition there will be, at least for the foreseeable future. But this also means: The price for the entry-level M increases noticeably, finally, it also offers significantly more Performance.

From a technical point of view the most important Change under the hood, because here is a completely new stage of development of the Biturbo in-line six-cylinder S55. The variant for the BMW M2 Competition contributes to the current state 410 HP and a torque Maximum of substantially more than 500 Newton meters. Of course, the Motor is equipped from the beginning with a particulate filter and meets all foreseeable Emission requirements in connection with the WLTP and RDE.

Due to the increase in output of around 40 PS, the official work of giving for the Sprint will drop from 0 to 100 km/h, the previously projected 4.3 seconds for the M2 with 7-speed DCT, the BMW M2 Competition in any case. No Changes, we expect the maximum speed, this is limited, as before, is electronically limited to 250 km/h and can be raised via the M Driver’s Package to 270 km/h.

At least as thoroughly as the technology will also distinguish the Design of the BMW M2 Competition coupe from the previous F87. New aprons at the Front and rear are designed to provide an even clearer differentiation from the regular 2 series models, also, the M2 is finally given by many Fans sorely missing M exterior mirrors in its characteristic Design.

Fresh Wind will also bring the mixed color palette that contrasts with the Competition-M2 on the first glance, from the previous model. While some of the previously offered colors are omitted, and underline the new Look of the fun-machine that could get in the same breath, new light-alloy wheels.

The wait for the BMW M2 Competition to shorten, the recently in Geneva, presented the special model BMW M2 Edition Black Shadow . The special edition can’t quite keep up with the Performance of the upcoming BMW M2 Competition, in turn, it impresses with a special exclusivity, and a distinctive appearance all in Black.

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