BMW M4 Individual: Signal Green meets M Performance

If you Notice above everything else, is the Individual paint Signal Green is exactly the right choice. New photos of BMW Abu Dhabi Motors show BMW M4 coupe in an extremely eye-catching color, the eliminated with your name all doubts: Who’s driving this car, would be overlooked in any case. The strong signal is likely to green concerns in any and every environment for amazement, and not only at first glance, the more in Motorsport than in the public road transport the usual liveries.

Close to the Motorsport with its mostly bright colors, the Performance of the shown BMW M4 F82 LCI will move, however, because the middle-class-coupe has virtually all the non-limited upgrade of the M GmbH on Board. With the Competition package and many Tuning components from BMW M Performance the vehicle is, what this is part of the limited special models M4 CS and M4 GTS shows and against this Background, the vehicle is qualified, certainly, for the use of an extrovert livery as Individual Signal Green.

For Qualifying on the race track in the BMW M4 F82 is well equipped thanks to the Competition package, with the full 450 HP. In combination with the Launch Control on the 7-speed DCT, the Sprint from 0 to succeed on a 100 in a flat 4.0 seconds. The maximum speed is extended up to 280 km/h, then the electronics will brake the from the double-charged in-line six-cylinder induced propulsion.

Thanks to the Competition package rims in the Design star spoke 666 M, the Carbon attachments for the front bumper and side mirrors and the large Carbon-fibre front splitter, the series receives standard Carbon-fibre roof of the BMW M4 Coupé some visual against players eye-to-eye. At the rear of the middle-class sportsmen and women from Garching wearing a diffuser and an exhaust system from Akrapovic, which is likely to ensure the presence of suitable volume. The largely black-held interior of green contrast stitching is loosened, in the face of the exterior paint, Signal Green, no Surprise.

(Photos: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors)

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