BMW M5 F90: Drift-Action in Snapper Rocks Blue!

The market launch in South Africa, we have a number of new Drift is due to the work of photos with a BMW M5 F90 in Snapper Rocks Blue. The 600-HP sedan is recently available in South Africa and was therefore set on a race track locally and dynamically in the scene. The new photos show the BMW M5, obviously, in the 2WD mode, the standard all-wheel drive M xDrive, all the electronic barriers are disabled, and wild Drifts are not able to stand in the way.

In addition to a BMW M5 in Snapper Rocks Blue, we also see the official Launch color Marina Bay Blue, however, there were already a great selection of similar images. In the with some of safety significantly more frequently used four-wheel drive modes-4WD and 4WD Sport, the BMW M5 F90 is also a very dynamic move, and for longer Drifts with a clearly visible Smoke in the rear is simple and take too much traction. In the Standard mode, the fully-variable torque distribution of the M xDrive sends more power to the rear wheels, in the case of a threat of liability, the force distribution is demolition, but in a fraction of a second so that a stable excavation is possible and the existing power for optimum acceleration can be used.

Still a bit tail-heavy the distribution of 600 HP and 750 Newton meters in the mode 4WD Sport times, in the sense of faster and the electronics are allowed but only small Drifts and then with more force for the front wheels for excellent propulsion instead of the smoke of the rear wheels. Anyone in the mood for the entertaining destruction of tyres on the rear axle, you can at any time change in the mode of 2WD and the BMW M5 F90 as a rear-wheel drive to enjoy.

The all-wheel drive is also the main responsible for the new M5 in the Sprint of 0 to 100 of the previously fastest production BMW ever. The factory specification of 3.4 seconds was able to offer the Limousine, in practice, already several times to several tenths of a second.

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