BMW M5 F90: More photos in Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic

This side of BMW Individual Snapper Rocks Blue is one of the colors that currently draw the most attention. Also, the new BMW M5 F90 is no extra charge in Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic available for order, although the paint has undoubtedly Individual potential. New photos show the Power sedan from Garching, Germany, in the Showroom of BMW Abu Dhabi Motors, where the M5 is supposed to count in the next few years, the darlings of the financially strong clientele.

In the last few weeks has BMW Individual is already a number of times, the colorful program for the BMW M5 F90 pointed out, and even before the market launch: the first photos of special paint finishes such as Java Green and Ferrari Red is shown. Who doesn’t want to drive up the base price of the BMW M5 F90 from 117.900 Euro already by the choice of the exterior colour into the height, you can choose between Alpine white, Bluestone, Marina Bay Blue, sapphire black, Singapore grey and Donington Grey.

The new BMW M5 F90 is the first series vehicle with the newly developed all-wheel drive M xDrive, in the future, as in many models of the M GmbH. What is the Performance drive, so special power and why is he with particularly short reaction times to Shine, erklärte us M boss Frank van Meel in an Interview in detail.

Thanks to the in comparison to its predecessor, significantly improved traction of the BMW M5 F90 not only in acceleration from a standing to a new standard. The factory specification of 3.4 seconds for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h has offered the sedan is already clear on several occasions, even more important, the Performance gain is from the research point of view, but on the race track. While the had to the predecessor, the Curve, always feeling full along the static friction limit of rear wheels along swing, you can concentrate on the new M5 solely on the best line and the full power 600 HP enjoy.

(Photos: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors)

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