BMW M5 Safety Car: on the streets of Qatar

The new BMW M5 Safety Car for MotoGP in 2018, has visited Qatar in duplicate, and the opportunity for a small city tour. While you get to see the Safety Car based on the BMW M5 F90 normally only on the racetrack or in the Showroom, was allowed to use it in Qatar apparently also public roads.

In spite of the lighting system on the roof and additional LED strobes at the Front, the Safety Car should not have been confused with an emergency vehicle of the police, because apparently the streets for the Video had been locked-rotation. A short Video of the two copies of the BMW M5 Safety Car at the Grand roads of the desert Emirate, and in very unusual surroundings shows.

The BMW M5 Safety Car for 2018 is not limited only by the lighting technology of the series, it also has many Tuning components from BMW M Performance. Crucial for the appearance in the framework of the MotoGP, the special exhaust system to give the 600-HP V8 Biturbo under the hood in the Motorsport environment hearing.

سيارة BMW M5 الجديدة كليا سيارة الأمان الرسمية لبطولة العالم للدراجات النارية “موتى جي بي” ٢٠١٨ في قطر!??????
الفردان للسيارات BMW تود ان توجة شكر خاص الى مركز مواتر و وزارة الداخلية على دعمهم الدائم.
#موتو_جي_بي٢٠١٨ #the shortest #قطر
The All-New #BMW #M5 is the official #Safety for the 2018 International #MotoGP is in Qatar!
Alfardan Automobiles BMW would like to extend a special thanks to #mawaterqtr and the Ministry of Interior for their constant support.
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Posted by BMW Qatar on Thursday, 15. March 2018

(Images & info: BMW Qatar | Direct Link to the Video)

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