BMW M8 Gran coupe 2019: Photoshop image to the series-F93

This year the series version of the two-door BMW M8 coupe will start, but since the Premiere of the Concept car in Geneva and also the interest in the four-door BMW M8 Gran Coupé F93 has grown significantly. The even more exclusive Alternative to the new M5 is already shown in 2019 and goes to either the end of next year or by the beginning of 2020 in series. How the production car could look like, shows a current Photoshop design from X-Tomi.Design.

In addition to the conventional paint finish in Blue, its variant of the BMW M8 Gran coupe wears some ordinary wheels in the well-known Design star spoke 666 M, thanks to the special positioning of the vehicle, we may expect but in any case, with a stand-alone rims Design for the BMW M8. The Golden accents of the study were replaced by the series of vehicles more usual chrome accents. Details like the side mirrors are closer to the Concept Car, as we would expect in the later series-F93.

In comparison to the Geneva M8 Concept Car is expected in the area of the from this perspective, the non-visible rear bumper of a certain alleviation, in General, to distinguish the vehicle, but clearly the braveren variants of the new BMW 8er Gran coupe and the special role of the extremely high-performance M8 obvious.

The Status of the BMW M8 Gran coupe as a future luxury flagship of the M GmbH, also technically, have the four-door coupe through noticeably more power than the M5 F90. 650 HP is certainly Possible, in combination with the sporty all-wheel drive M xDrive, the plant specification for the Sprint from 0 to is back 100 something closer to the 3-second mark, and the 3.4 seconds with the M5 sedan.

For more Details on the powertrain of the BMW M8 Gran coupe will deliver this year to be held Premiere of the two-door M8 coupe. Although the four-door variant throws in addition to the clearly improved suitability for everyday use a little more weight in the Ring, at least on straight track, the driving is likely to be different benefits of the coupe but hardly. Despite their impressive motorization, both models are not primarily designed as a consistent sports car, instead, they are to points on long journeys with comfort and luxury.

(Photoshop-Design: X-Tomi.Design)

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