BMW M8 GTE: backgrounds of Motorsport Designer Scully

Racing cars and series vehicles often do not have very many similarities, but in the case of the new BMW M8 GTE, the development phase was actually in the same step. BMW Motorsport Designer Michael Scully provides in the Interview, some insights into the process, at the end next to a luxurious sports car for the everyday life of affluent customers, is also a competition routes more competitive race car for the length of the Sport should be.

In the Interview, is also aware of the great challenges of the interplay of Design, aerodynamics and regulations. Not every idea of the designer with the complex requirements of a race car to the absolute top class clubs, but the Design is crucial for obtaining the optical proximity to the production vehicle. Michael Scully explains, among other things, how the characteristic M exterior mirrors, vehicles have found their way from the street to the car.

Mr Scully, of BMW M8 GTE was built to be the toughest endurance race in the world to compete. Why is the Design of the vehicle?
Michael Scully: “If a vehicle such as the BMW M8 GTE is already presented in front of a groundbreaking series vehicle such as the BMW 8er public, Performance, continuity, and Design character of special importance because of the race car plays an active role in shaping the essence of the new BMW 8, and to communicate. Race cars are typically known to be mainly from functionality-driven, and I love it when a car is so focused: they provide a natural and authentic impression of what you intended. The visual communication is, however, much more subjective than the Numbers on a stopwatch. As a Designer I am interested in both the pure Performance of the vehicle as well as to his character, which is mediated by the Form and optics. Synergies between these elements is often a big challenge, but in the Design for me is also the highest award.“

Need a Designer in the light of this Balance between function and Emotion tend to compromise, or gives the Whole a structure?
Scully: “It runs in both directions. The criteria for the functional requirements help to structure the design process and give us something we can reply to what. To find within such a framework, smart and innovative solutions, for me, is what makes the profession of a designer. Without these restrictions, the design process would be a purely artistic matter, such as the production of a sculpture. The connection of the basic BMW Design DNA with the functional and from the rules requirements begins in the design process for me is the point where creative momentum.“

The extent to which reflects the Design of the character of a car, and how the character of the BMW M8 GTE looks?
Scully: “I think we have created the BMW M8 GTE a focused and determined expression. The vehicle has an outstanding presence. This is due in part to the basic proportions of the production model: It’s the classic Two-Box Proportions with a long bonnet, and emphasized optically, the mass of the rear wheels. So it is in the core to a sports car. After we have just added 100 mm on each side of the car and also with its expressive, aerodynamic elements of the vehicle conveys a clear claim to win the race.
On the Front we used the opportunity to stress the air supply through the kidney with a strong colour application, and the function driven by the aerodynamic forms of the underlined. In connection with the intense and forward-facing headlights routes, as well as the special curve lights for the long racing the vehicle receives a absolutely decisive expression of what is, in my opinion, for its purpose is relevant.“

Her grandfather was an influential architectural historian. That is, in your opinion, a coincidence or do you believe that the feeling for shapes and Design is inheritable?
Scully: “My grandfather has taught me that it gives a building or object is of additional importance when it involves its context, and that design is in a situational vacuum unsuccessful. An object can affect the human experience is a positive one, if it is designed to perceive its environment. Sometimes this connection can be achieved by a direct reference to this environment, for example, if a house is in a mountain range adapts to hang with its roof-line of the specific mountain. Sometimes, but also by the clear distancing to the existing environment, in order to provoke a Dialog. Both can depending on the case, to be of value. To create deeper Connections, is the task of a designer. I think I’ve learned to find relevance, meaning, and effect in objects or images.“

So, if the mountain forms the context for the building, it is the race track for the race car?
Scully: “Exactly. The frame for a race car competition. I am fascinated by objects that were built for the Competition, because they look so goal-oriented – and there are also. As a result of this, you send a clear, strong message of their intention. For the BMW M8 GTE, it is in this context, it is important that he has modern, bold and impressive shapes and colours. I believe that the vehicle bears these attributes successfully to the outside world.“

What other challenges are there for a racing car Designer?
Scully: “In BMW Design, we use precise lines in connection with nuanced surfaces, in order to achieve an interaction between the two and to give the shape of the car a visual structure. The rules for the BMW M8 GTE prohibition, however, any kind of sharp lines on the surfaces to add, because in many areas a Radius of at least 50 millimetres in the case of any surface change is specified. The power tends to be very chunky, but legitimate forms necessary. In the framework of this project, we continuously look for Ways to get the perfection, richness and precision of the design of the BMW 8 series vehicles and to achieve compliance with the regulations of our targets for the aerodynamics and the overall package. One of the ways we have achieved this, the design of the air inlets and outlets in the body: they carry out important functions and bring at the same time, precision and structure in the Form, otherwise something would have been harder.“

How has the cooperation with their colleagues from the BMW 8 series production?
Scully: “who was responsible for BMW Design have, of course, created intense Hand to the BMW 8, which includes the GTE Version. In addition, the ‘Exterior’Designer of the BMW Concept 8 Series is a good friend and colleague of mine. To understand where he’s coming from on the theme, was very helpful in the process, the continuity between the two vehicles to maintain. We also had the Chance to direct ideas for the BMW M8 GTE exchange, the is, in this context, a natural extension of the BMW 8 line. I think that racing and series cars in the BMW Group is a reciprocal relationship: Many of the manufacturers, the racing cars inspire series cars, we do the same. But in the case of BMW, our production cars and Concept Cars to inspire our race cars. I think this each of them gives their authenticity.“

Can you give an example of the interactions?
Scully: “In the exterior mirrors of the BMW M8 GTE I have work during the entire development process to integrate the famous BMW “M hook”, runs back to the center of the vehicle, the mirror housing. It is a Element of our M-Series cars, the BMW purists popular. On the basis of my first sketch of a lower cantilever support we have been able to in a step-by-cooperation with the aerodynamic core of a couple of significant functional advantages of this mirror shape. There is a positive effect on the aerodynamic Flow along the sides of the vehicle. In the case of the Mirror we thus have a common area in which the functionality of the car has been optimized, the basic design language and direction, however, comes from the series models.“

What are your favorite parts of the BMW M8 GTE and why?
Scully: “Like I said, I’m in the mirror with pride, because they have an embedded aerodynamic function, the iconic M-style and a modern and purposeful expression. I really like the kidney grille at the Front, with their exposed inner surfaces of the special care and the demands of a Racing vehicle. The kidney is reminiscent of the forward-leaning shark-nose, the history of BMW, and by open, exposed-built-in, we take in a modern way.“

What is the significance of the BMW M8 GTE in comparison to the other BMW racing cars, on which you have worked?
Scully: “The BMW M8 GTE focuses on the Essentials and is an efficient, competition-oriented machine. He meets a clearly defined purpose and has a distinct and dynamic personality. For me, it is the original and most determined racing car we have ever built.“

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