BMW Triturbo Diesel: KBA files expected callback to

The force travel Federal office has the expected recall for the mistakenly with the wrong Software equipped BMW-Diesel – arranged. For a total of around 11,700 vehicles with Triturbo-Diesel, the KBA was currently reviewing the Software-proposal by BMW, this should be promptly released. With this release, BMW can already weeks ago announced the recall and the affected vehicles with their original Software equip.

The very annoying error goes back, according to statements from BMW that the Triturbo-Diesel was delivered with two different exhaust gas purification systems. Enough in some models, the exhaust gas treatment by NOx-storage catalytic Converter and Diesel particulate filter was installed in other models, also an AdBlue injection. Erroneously vehicles without AdBlue injection, were later, in fact, the BMW M550d and BMW 750d, with Software for vehicles with AdBlue injection equipped. Consequently, the exhaust gas after-treatment could no longer work as planned, which led both to the test, as well as in practice to a worse emission performance.

BMW attaches great importance to the fact that a deliberate Manipulation of this kind would make no sense. Only a comparatively small amount concerned does not speak the open vehicles, but also the impact of the wrong Software: These are in no way suitable to have the Motor on the test bench appear cleaner than in the real driving operation. Instead, the emission behavior both in the laboratory and on the road slightly deteriorated – a result that is easy to verify, and not with a Manipulation by a deliberate switch-off Devices is similar. Rather than to work only on the test bench and in the everyday life of disabled, worked the exhaust gas after-treatment in the case of the affected BMW Triturbo-Diesel in both cases, however, due to the “incorrect” programming is not optimal.

As soon as the Federal motor transport authority has approved the Software-correction, BMW will begin the recall of vehicles and to call the affected BMW M550d and BMW 750d an Update in the workshop. In the framework of the annual press conference was assured a few days ago, that new provisions for the possibilities of Software Updates intended to prevent a repetition of this or a similar error. Nevertheless, it is clear: For members of the Public, the BMW would like to draw in the exhaust gas scandal of other car makers, are the wrong Software for the Triturbo-Diesel, and the following recall is a godsend.

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