BMW X2: Creative Design Battle for Russia-Premiere

The market launch of the BMW X2 in Russia, an official Design was declared Battle, when the new Lifestyle SUV for the canvas for artists from the all over the country. About 40 young and Amateur designers have submitted their designs for an interesting Look on the outer skin of the BMW X2, and your creativity is given free rein.

The virtual designs of the BMW X2 Design Battle are rather to be understood as concepts and not as a concrete preview of a possible implementation, on a photo-realistic Look was placed by many artists no work. All designs will now be evaluated by Russian and international curators to select a winner.

The winner of the Russian BMW X2 Design Battle may enjoy a visit to the main international exhibition of contemporary art Art Basel in Switzerland. In addition, the attention of a larger audience is at least in Russia for sure. So the Design Battle is another example for the promotion of art and culture all over the world by the BMW Group.

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